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Working at Teamleader: meet our interns

Working at Teamleader: meet our interns

A lot of people remember their internship as follows: working for free, doing the chores that everyone dislikes, still being called the wrong name after weeks of internship...

Instead of ignoring our interns and only shoving our boring tasks their way, we want them to fully experience the Teamleader culture. We want to make their internship valuable by giving them lots of chances to learn, stimulating their creativity, and filling their bellies with great food from our very own kitchen. And that’s exactly what we did with this semester’s interns.

Half a dozen marketing interns

The marketing team was delighted to welcome Amélie, Felix, Michael, Lowie, Stiaan and Xhenita. The first three are business administration masters and all six of them dug into their work like madmen.


With her hands-on approach and resounding voice, Amélie was a very helpful event organiser. Being such a natural leader, it’s no surprise she was a tennis trainer for more than four years. Her mentor Bieke felt at ease going on a ski trip, knowing it didn’t matter if she came back with a broken leg or concussion: Amélie took care of everything. (We’re glad to note that Bieke is fine, except for a slight sunburn. Also, Amélie proved to be a formidable replacement.)

Stiaan never stopped talking about the Teamleader energy. According to him, “you feel that everyone is working so hard and giving their all to absolutely push their goals just a little bit further every day.”. He compared his experience to driving a Porsche, but being afraid of having to drive a Fiat Punto after getting a license. He worked like a race car, too. No slow starters here.

As a kid, Michael wanted to be a veterinarian, but he really discovered his passion for tech growing up. So it’s no wonder he applied for an internship at Teamleader. Diving into our technical marketing every day, he couldn’t have been be more happy here.

Then we had Lowie, who was helping the startup program to grow. Meanwhile, he started to regard Simona, one of our fantastic cooks, as a second mother. “You never forget a first impression, and I probably won’t forget this one. From the start, I felt this positive vibe hanging as a cloud over all the offices. It immediately filled me with joy, having the opportunity to be a part of this lovely community.”

Lastly, there was Felix, who still had two baby teeth to remind us of how young he was. But that doesn’t mean he was unknowing: with his entrepreneurial mindset, he definitely was a big asset to the Belgian marketing team.  

On our way to world domination

Our marketing interns all took part in our ‘marketing days’, filled with workshops and teambuilding activities. The perfect opportunity to fill each other in on what’s happening at the content, international, technical and product marketing desk. We even organised a real ‘hackathon’, to hack ourselves a way to world domination.

The best thing might’ve been that all the local marketers from our international offices came over to join us. Xhenita, who reinforces the content team, especially liked that they all really cared about getting to know the interns. “During the marketing day, it was up to me to get our Spanish, Italian and German colleagues safely and in one piece to the next location. No worries, I got them there! I also had the chance to talk to them, get to know them better, and pick their brain. Of course, they were very positive and enthusiastic. I was pleasantly surprised that they were interested in me, just a mere intern, and my role in the team.”

And there were even more interns

Yves, for example. His big dream is to swim in a pool filled with spaghetti bolognese. Strange. We’d hate to crush your dreams, Yves, but that’s probably not going to happen any time soon. Fortunately, he also liked working with the finance team. A logical choice, as he has always been good with money. As a child, he started selling paper flowers on the beach and now, he repairs broken smartphones in his free time. Some lucrative hobbies!

His mentor, Jonathan, is aware that finance isn’t typically seen as the most spicy department of the company (although according to him, we’d be amazed if we knew what went down in the finance cave). He tells us that Yves didn’t mind taking on work that needed lots of concentration. Good for you Yves, you lovable spaghetti-craving weirdo. 

Michiel and Jelle were our development interns. What they worked on? We can’t tell you that, because that's a secret. What we can share are some fun facts about them. For example: Michiel is passionate about artificial intelligence and his labrador, Nox. Jelle is more of a guinea pig kind of person and likes to exchange his desk chair for some swimming and gardening from time to time.

And we can’t forget about Collin from HR! If we ask him about his best Teamleader moment, he mentions our fold-ups first. A good second one is that time video guy Kevin was stuck in the toilet, asking for a roll of toilet paper through the company chat. If he wasn’t interested in psychology that much, Collin would’ve liked a career as an alpaca farmer. That’s not even that big of a difference with HR.

Want to work at Teamleader?

We dreaded the moment we had to say goodbye to these hardworking students. Unfortunately, some of them had to go back to school -for their final exams or finishing their thesis. But there’s an upside: it might not be a final goodbye. After all, Teamleader is always on the hunt for new talent. Intrigued? Then you should definitely have a look at our vacancies.