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What does CRM offer you in 2016? 4 Undeniable trends!

Robin Van Cleemput Robin Van Cleemput on 24-Feb-2016 11:21:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

What does CRM offer you in 2016? 4 Undeniable trends!

So far in 2016, 4 undeniable trends are distinguishable in the CRM market. Trends that will benefit both you and your customer. Let's take a look at them!

The CRM landscape is in constant evolution, and rightfully so. Customer Relationship Management puts people on the forefront; if the way they interact with companies changes, then the technology to support those interactions has to change as well.

So far in 2016, there are 4 undeniable trends to distinguish. Let's take a look at them:

1. Social CRM

You may have read it here before, but the Age of the Customer is in full effect. Likewise, social integrations are becoming an essential part of any CRM solution. Some CRM vendors take it as far as implementing social monitoring into their application. Others choose a more lean approach where contact information from social networks is used to enrich their own data.

This can be done in a couple of ways:

  • Lamp plugins puzzleAll customer interactions are tracked using the CRM, so you can listen to what potential customers have to say about their company and brand.
  • Certain software plugins allow you to add detailed contact information to your database very early on in your sales cycle. If any contact info changes on the social network, you can easily update that as well.

The purpose of all of this? Getting to know your customer better, so you can deliver optimal service every time.

2. Integrated CRM

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Efficiency has become a commonplace term in the marketing of B2B software. But how can you ever be truly efficient if the tools you use alongside each other don't see eye to eye? CRM vendors have started realizing this more and more the last couple of years, and surely this train will keep on rolling in 2016. Because it's exactly what users have come to expect, and justifiably so.

It all revolves around data exchange and integration of course. Time tracking browser plugins, accounting software, email clients, marketing automation tools, stats and analytics, cloud platforms, synchronizable calendars and so on: the list of integration possibilities that make your work flow smooth and steady keeps growing every week. The outcome is always a big win: less copying and pasting, impressive time gains, little superfluous work.

Moreover, it pushes the boundaries of traditional CRM from merely a sales tool to an integrated solution that helps marketeers, project managers and customer service professionals do a better job, too.

3. Mobile CRM

Mobile app crmChaining employees to their office chair and computer is slowly but surely becoming a bad practice for any company that needs to stay competitive and innovative. So it's only logical that run-of-the-mill desktop CRM applications are losing their footing in the market. Your always-on CRM gives you access to all your contact information, up-to-date sales pipeline and task list from any place that's connected to the internet.

Because working on the go is not a fad, especially for goal-oriented sales people. That's why the readability on smaller screens for desktop CRM applications is drastically improving. Moreover, mobile CRM apps are creeping up on their bigger brothers in ways of clarity, speed, ease-of-use and functionality. This includes a bunch of interesting mobile-only applications, such as work sheets and mobile time tracking.

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4. User-friendly CRM

Also, maximum user-friendliness is highly requested by users nowadays. Partially this has to do with the democratization of CRM, which is no longer purely the playground of IT professionals or huge enterprises. More and more SMEs, who don't have the time and resources to invest heavily in extensive (and expensive) training, are making the leap into CRM territory. So far too complex software will not cut it anymore.

Companies looking for a CRM tool should take note of this and expect no less than intuitive interfaces. Individual users of all shapes, sizes and departments should be able to perform standard tasks like creating new contacts, creating quotations and invoices or adding milestones to a project in a heartbeat - preferably manual-free. If you're a CRM vendor that doesn't fulfill those basic requirements, 2016 probably won't be your year.

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