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Visiting Typographics: "You evolve with the market, you learn from others."

Robin Van Cleemput Robin Van Cleemput on 22-Aug-2015 10:57:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Visiting Typographics:

Teamleader users take the floor: Typografics from Hamme is a beacon of graphic design. "No matter what the need may be, we provide a solution within 24 hours."

Teamleader users take the floor: Typografics from Hamme is a beacon of graphic design. It detaches graphic specialists to take on the role of temporary reinforcements, both in-house or on location with the customer. Typografics even organises graphic trainings and does screenings of graphic designers, making sure the bar stays high for all. Kristel Pelgrims, finance & office manager: "No matter what the need may be, we provide a solution within 24 hours."

Different approaches

The step towards a new system took somewhat longer. "We take 2 different approaches: the internal studio works on assignment, everyone has access to their tasks and projects. Our staff on location works on a per-customer basis. Confidentiality is much more important there." Yet the need for transparency remains. "That's why order confirmations are important so the customer is always in the know of who's coming when." Switching to Teamleader was a well-prepared move. "Because we wanted a clear view of our project profitablity, time tracking became an important issue."

Marketing & sales

Marcom manager Debby De Cocker agrees: "The previous system focused too one-sidedly on operations, barely touching on our marketing and sales needs. Nevermind those developers who weren't open to our ideas." Kristel: "Our marketeer started working for us 3 years ago. Suddenly, our search for a solution switched gears." Several routes were considered. "Among them a couple of foreign systems and even something developed especially for us. Which was quite affordable, but it meant we'd be stuck with the technical standards of that era."

Less rummaging, more following up

Debby: "At the same time we had to take the rest of the teams and their specific workflows into account. Not all that easy with 30 people." But a conscious decision nonetheless. "Our sales colleague follows up on all our offers: she discusses them with the right people, she takes note of the reasons why some were accepted and others weren't, etc." Quite different from the old approach, Kristel remarks: "We used a bunch of different spreadsheets with tasks and agendas, an awful way to stay on top of things: was this offer actually sent out or not?" Debby: "Now, when visiting clients, she can just consult all available data instead of rummaging through it. Or she can write up a handy report on the fly."

Mailings and history

Kristel: "As a Teamleader user, you evolve along with the market and the newest developments and you can also learn from others." Which gives Debby peace of mind: "Our mailings get sent out through the system thanks to a clever integration. No need to import address lists, you can just see who opened the mailing, non-delivered mails are neatly listed, and so on." Speaking of traceable history: "We have a sort of applicant database which contains résumés, pictures and previous test results. Getting that to run in Teamleader would be marvelous." Debby adds: "This kind of recruiting database helps us find the right people quickly."

Improve together

The ladies of Typografics have some more suggestions: "I think it's great that you write down personal points of interest too," says Debby. "Our designers work the same way: every piece of feedback is valuable." Kristel agrees: "For one, we have multiple teams and schedules that are always changing. It'd be great if we could fit those team agendas all in one screen, like the individual agendas." Being a company that specialises in graphics, design is crucial. "We use our brand style with Teamleader as much as we can, but I wonder if we'd be able to include our brand's font as well in the future?" We'll pass on the message for sure. Kristel has noticed much progress after only 4 months of use: "Same goes for invoicing and bookkeeping. And you guys are always looking to improve, so we're looking forward to what comes next (laughs)."