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Visiting thinkerIT: "As a total package, Teamleader is unbeatable."

Robin Van Cleemput Robin Van Cleemput on 15-Jan-2015 10:59:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Visiting thinkerIT:

Teamleader users take the floor: the mainstay of the Leuven-based thinkerIT is a clear-cut core business—high-quality software and affordable prices for everyone. 

Teamleader users take the floor: the mainstay of the Leuven-based thinkerIT is a clear-cut core business—high-quality software and affordable prices for everyone. In just 4 years, thinkerIT has linked itself to names such as De Persgroep, Newtec and Argenta. The core of the team? 6 enthusiastic experts, including Business Manager Suleyman Aydogan, who himself started out as a software consultant. Today, he has a very promising project in the pipeline: Binarta.

Informative demos

"Our business revolves around faster and less expensive online applications, such as webshops and blogs. The customers configure these themselves, without our input. Binarta offers a wide range of ready-made building blocks, including modules for inventory and customer management." Why not develop your own Teamleader? Suleyman: "Binarta alone consumes a great deal of time, so we searched the market for a good system. We were first seduced by a gigantic American company with billions in turnover!" But their demo fell short of their expectations. "Hopelessly out-of-date, much too complex, not targeted at local markets ..."

The Support test

thinkerIT also used to use Office. "That was extremely labor-intensive; keeping track of all of the customers and generating graphically complicated quotations. I spent at least several hours per week on this, because I am never happy with a job half done (laughs)." Teamleader brought progress. "I always test the Support Service before I make a purchase. At a certain point, something went wrong with Trends Top; I couldn't purchase customer info. One mail to Support and the problem was solved. And, on top of that, I even received a 20 euro credit!"

Congenial respect

That left a customer-oriented impression: "Logical, the team does have a positive attitude. When we first started using Teamleader, we really customized it for our specific needs. One evening, my Teamleader contact called while on her way to an appointment. During that call, she carefully went over all of the issues, the whole ride long. I think she was on the road for an hour and a half. Hopefully she was calling hands-free (laughs) …" Could he have done a better job himself? "Difficult. Maybe when it comes to programming code, because we are simply excellent in that area. As a total package, Teamleader is unbeatable: user friendly, stable, aesthetically pleasing, evolving … An injection of capital doesn't just appear out of nowhere."

Automatically secure

Invoices, contacts and tracking—the system is profitable. "Are you familiar with the 2-factor authentication? Log-in data are never misused, because only my smartphone generates a special log-in code." The Binarta story also brings with it new challenges. "We are going to start working with automatic subscriptions. This way customers receive monthly invoices based on the info they input. And we are also considering integrating a VoIP solution, telephone over the Internet. Our customers have the right to continuous service, without crazy prices."

Passing through Ghent

At the end of October, Suleyman took a drive to Ghent. "Customer-oriented Business, a great Teamleader event! I made it a point of honor to attend and show my respect for their project. Because they have done so much for us." A serious drive, from Leuven to Ghent. "Of course, the after party was the decisive factor—I hadn't been out in ages (laughs)."