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Visiting The Video Factory: "After 150 different demo accounts my enthusiasm was gone. Until I tried Teamleader."

Robin Van Cleemput Robin Van Cleemput on 18-Jul-2014 00:00:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Visiting The Video Factory:

Teamleader users take the floor: The Video Factory, based in Izegem with offices in Sint-Niklaas and Lanaken, excels in audiovisual productions for TV and the business world. 

Solid demands

Teamleader users take the floor: One by one companies operating more efficiently. The Video Factory, based in Izegem with offices in Sint-Niklaas and Lanaken, excels in audiovisual productions for TV and the business world. City Magazines, product presentations or event video summaries: The Video Factory is working at full steam. Christophe Vandenbussche leads this creative factory as devil-does-all: "I am the first and often the last, as it should be (laughs)..."

The infernal search for a better planning system, he took on him: "We are working on 3 different sites, and that is quite unique in our industry. That's a serious challenge in terms of project planning. But we’re able to finish our projects much faster than most planning systems can handle. Today an assignment comes in, tomorrow we do the filming and the next day ensues the delivery, "The number of employees in the meantime didn’t remain the same. "Believe it or not, but I made about 150 test accounts at various systems, but nowhere I found my thing. And developing something ourselves proved to be very expensive. "

Archiving + centralizing

Christophe had no more enthusiasm. Until he arrived in Ghent: "We were together for a whole afternoon. When I tried the demo, I knew it was not a wasted effort this time. Teamleader did what it had to do, but it immediately made additional opportunities possible." Since then The Video Factory archives much more efficient." When we hire a voice for an updated commercial, we get the source from the original project. And all archives are given a number in Teamleader. We always know who did what and when, without expensive servers or IT staff.  This way our video reporters reach their deadlines much easier, even on location. "

Christophe and his team react very fast. The invoicing must not fall behind: "The old system was not bad, however, Teamleader translates quotes in invoices without worries. Besides, soon we link the Teamleader to our accounting software, and maybe even our accountant too (laughs)." Herewith the videoman emphasizes the centralizing effect once more. Or consequences in terms of time savings "Everyone is excited about how fast we work. Ultimate changes in the agenda are a piece of cake. And we are warned for urgent matters. "

High expectations

Teamleader also serves as a contact pool: "Some companies were here earlier written down on an old-fashioned list. Today, we put all the data in the system, even when we’re on the move." Yet Christophe sees options to increase the user-friendliness further. "Additional colors would make the task list even clearer. Well now, when I have suggestions, I walk by in Ghent. Because we keep in touch. My expectations remain high in any case, especially after the capital injection. They are a bunch of young guys out there, just like here. Well, I don’t know if I should include myself here (laughs) ... "