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Visiting Telec Solutions: "70 users, 4.000 monthly meetings."

Visiting Telec Solutions:

Teamleader users take the floor: Telec Solutions offers companies outsourcing solutions for their sales and telemarketing teams. 

Teamleader users take the floor: Telec Solutions offers companies outsourcing solutions for their sales and telemarketing teams. As a partner of different suppliers of telecommunication, energy and IT, Telec Solutions knows what it's talking about. No watered-down info, only top-notch solutions made to measure, and care-free. Founder-partner Philippe Lehouck: "We've been at this for 5 years, but the choice for automation came much, much earlier."

Great expectations

"Our Excel sheets became too expansive, opening the door for errors. That's why we enlisted a big name to supply our CRM system. After a few months, we were stuck: much too complex and unaffordable after a while." The smallest change cost time and money: "So Excel made its long-awaited comeback, or at least for a year. New names came and went, but the unwieldy usability, budgeting and switchover made us lose interest time and again."

Sudden rapid

So why not have a solution developed from scratch? "We were on the brink, until we read about Teamleader's capital injection. The very same day we tested the system . We felt from the get-go that it was easy to use and personalise." It didn't take too long to get acquainted. "We introduced our employees to the specific features, like the accessibility of the different team agendas. This helps keep things clear for everyone."

Intensive use

Sales manager and partner Carl Pardoen joins the table: "I use it very intensively, mainly because I follow up on operations. When sales aren't going great, I make specific segments for our salespeople to work on: prospects to contact again after our product range has expanded, opportunities for upselling or cross-selling, or specific contracts up for renewal."

Different times, different possibilities: "The comprehensive reporting feature shows us all sorts of long-term results. Plus, everyone can see and analyse the stats: good for efficiency and mutual understanding (laughs)." And what about individual work? "Our people get the most out of their meetings. Reporting, qualifying and looking ahead to the next step."

Structural gains

Philippe confirms: "Before Teamleader, once in a while a document would be incomplete. Today, our administration can use what's already in the system, and the salespeople fill in any further details." A structural approach pays dividends, fast: "You get a view of what's happening within your field of expertise and specific region. You single-handedly make your own goals. Not on a week-to-week basis, but with long-term vision." Carl adds: "As a sales manager, I know my way around CRM systems. When people don't use them, they become stumbling blocks. And that hurts your organisation." So what about Teamleader? "The exception to the rule. We find it to be smooth, logical, and simple."

Credible satisfaction

Philippe juggles some significant numbers. "As of now, we've got 70 users. That makes for a highly functioning organisation that renders 4.000 meetings per month." And a happy man. "At least 95% happy (smiles). We adapted to those last 5%. Very reasonable, especially when taking into account the way the system adapted itself to us." And don't forget the support. "When it takes only 3 minutes to answer a midnight mail, you know you've got something exceptional. And yet appropriate, too, since self-employment means you sometimes need those quiet moments to get ahead." Carl: "Teamleader is a congenial company. Like those customer testimonials: fun to read and credible. I don't mind the critical remarks at all (smiles)."