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Visiting One Smart Control: "Since Teamleader, our quality and quantity are both growing."

Teamleader users take the floor: One Smart Control in Edegem near Antwerp develops intelligent home automation systems for new and existing homes. "Customers are surprised how quickly they receive a reply."

Teamleader users take the floor: One Smart Control in Edegem near Antwerp develops intelligent home automation systems for new and existing homes. Intelligent, because they're easy to install and user friendly. Twice, CEO Bert De Haes had run up against the limits of other software systems. Then he chose to utilize the CRM package from Teamleader for his business. Successfully: "Customers are surprised how quickly they receive a reply."

From the frying pan into the fire

"The first system that we used at One Smart Control was needlessly laborious and hopelessly outdated," says Bert. "Its developer had no vision. We had to adapt our business process to his software, instead of the other way around. After a month, I thanked him kindly.

After that, Bert tested another open-source package which you were supposed to further develop yourself. "But it was so complex that an external consultant had to assist me throughout the entire process. And even he recognized the package was unsatisfactory. It seems like some software companies try to earn their money from consulting, instead of investing in product quality.

Teamleader? Surprisingly user friendly!

Yet Bert continued to believe that good software must exist. He ended up at Teamleader. "I quickly adapted the CRM package to my needs. Time-consuming conversions? Not necessary, because we imported our Excel data ourselves. The system and 'our' version quickly evolved toward greater and greater ease-of-use. Registration of incoming and outgoing telephone traffic, connections to Intrum Justitia, LinkedIn and Trends Top … You set the course yourself."

Software must motivate

Today, Teamleader is indispensable to One Smart Control. Seven employees use it intensively every day. The first salesperson who tested it was wildly enthusiastic right from the start: "The best CRM package I have ever seen." He is more than happy to also manage all of his appointments, visit reports and quotations in the system.

CEO Bert is also very pleased: "I never hear any grumbling. Software that you use every day must motivate instead of irritate. And so Teamleader contributes to a positive company culture. It starts internally, with satisfied employees, and radiates out into the wider world. The trend is already apparent—more quality and more quantity. Customers are amazed at how quickly they receive a reply."

Developments in allegro

How does Bert see the future? "Teamleader develops at a high tempo—in allegro. With each update, and we get them regularly, I also get clear explanations. So, for One Smart Control, I see many growth opportunities to come. Soon, we are going to link Teamleader even more closely with our website for the online info questions and their feedback. And we will further refine that ticketing, with further distinctions between logistics questions, mailing subscribers etc. A fascinating process!"

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