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Visiting Fantastic: "Timetracking proved to be important, as it allows for customizable budgeting."

Robin Van Cleemput Robin Van Cleemput on 20-Sep-2014 11:09:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Visiting Fantastic:

Teamleader users take the floor: Fantastic from Ghent is a young, promising communication agency focusing on employer branding. Both for existing and potentially new employees. 

Started up greatly

Teamleader users take the floor: one by one enterprises working more efficiently. Fantastic from Ghent is a young, promising communication agency focusing on employer branding. Both for existing and potentially new employees. Fantastic offers more than this employer branding, because product, corporate and employer branding are one. A Telenet client already receives a certain image of how Telenet works, by having a 'Digicorder'. And that image is even more important when that client wants to start working for Telenet.

Broos Debrabander, creative director & managing partner agrees: "Telenet is our client, by the way (laughs), and so are Barco, SVK, UZ Gent... We view every brand as a whole but divided into different facets, to get all the communication in line." It's obvious that Fantastic also followed that philosophy internally: "When we first heard of Teamleader, we thought it was too soon. Suddenly we received a big contract and chose Teamleader. Because  timetracking 

Proactively and intuitively

Account manager Mellissa Buys thinks Teamleader is really intuitive: "I subscribed for 5 webinars, but I could already move on after 2 sessions. That's a big difference from our previous, complicated software. Now for example, I gain a lot of time in the organized planning module." And how about the service? Mellisa sounds excited: "One night I had some issues with my internet connection, my browser continually entered the wrong password. It was already quite late, so I mailed in the evening to solve it the next day. But only 15 minutes later, I already received a response with a solution."

Broos chose teamleader for a reason: "Another system even had an accounting module, yet we still chose Teamleader, because they think of concrete solutions, often take surprising initiatives, but they always respect our finances." Mellissa continues: "Changing a meeting has recently become easier, and invoicing got a facelift a while ago. Of course, we always have to stay alert, right Broos? Last week you said a contract expired in January, and I immediately put up a reminder in Teamleader."

Always informed

Thus, Mellissa cites the essence of being a Teamleader user: "It should become a reflex for us, because this makes sure all relevant information goes through a single system. It's just reassuring to be able to keep up, wherever you are, whoever you are. Colleagues easily take over from us now. Because nothing interrupts my yearly vacation, not even Teamleader (laughs)." Broos continues: "Fantastic isn't about the quick buck, but about passion, resulting in creativity. And vice versa. Teamleader plays a vital role in that vision. Our next step is a serious one again: freshening up the contact database, to replace dead contacts with living ones (smiles)."