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Visiting Elektrozine: "A much wider scope than we were used to."

Robin Van Cleemput Robin Van Cleemput on 25-Jul-2015 11:10:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Visiting Elektrozine:

Teamleader users take the floor: Elektrozine from Kortrijk is a digital platform featuring electronic trends and products, ranging from cameras and fridges to home automation. 

Teamleader users take the floor: Elektrozine from Kortrijk is a digital platform featuring electronic trends and products, ranging from cameras and fridges to home automation. Besides objective product information, Elektrozine features handy buying tips, lists retailers and publishes thematic issues. Successfully, too: the online magazine gets read by 2 million Flemings yearly. Business manager Bert Ide: "I'm a gadget freak myself, but we like to keep the treshold  low enough for just about everybody (smiles)."

Thinking ahead pays off

Elektrozine had been working with a CRM system for several years: "What's more, for one of my first jobs I used a kind of pocket computer wherein I put sales contacts. My colleagues were much older and had this filing cabinet . I, the rookie, had a lot less work at night, exactly because of that better follow-up." Every detail makes a real difference. "Really getting to know customers is important, but of course you can't remember everything. And granted, that pocket computer had its limitations since I couldn't connect it to my desktop computer."

Surprising versatility

Bert went for an online solution. "The trouble there was that invoicing was missing. Especially since we had a subscription formula, it was a disaster to keep track of everything. Which my accounting software could indeed do." But the chance of errors still loomed large. "Lots of copying was involved, for they were 2 separate systems. And offers were still made in Word and Excel." Until early 2014: "Teamleader had a much wider scope than we were used to: all of a sudden, we had a ticketing system." And the story didn't end there. "Time tracking quickly followed, so I could tell exactly how much time a project took up."

The stimulus of accessibility

Staying up-to-date works wonders: "It's nice to know how things are going on the work floor when I'm at home. Or when our sales visit customers who ask for a state of affairs. Great for overall trust." Or individual motivation. "Some employees are a bit more timid, but the system makes it easier to show their approach. That's a real stimulus, because it rewards those who do good work."

More targeted labour

Elektrozine is faring well. "12 full-timers and a few external specialists. The customer notices nothing, everyone communicates through the system. And the external parties can only see what's important to them, so classified info stays in-house." Teamleader encourages more targeted labour. "When we talk to clients during sales meetings, the magazine's editors have to join us. But they don't write articles then, so that's why we put everything into a digital report." Every meeting counts: "Internal meetings were not accounted for in the past, which made the revenue of projects lower. That's all in the past with the project module."

Strengthened beliefs

The end user wins: "I believe in Teamleader for the full 200%. They started with a blank page too, use their own system and always keep the customer in mind." That, in turn, creates a bond. "I read every Feature Friday they post on their blog, with new functions added every time. We discovered that way that making phone calls through Teamleader is possible, without having to be glued to your desk." Bert almost can't stop talking: "Efficiency has improved tenfold, as has our peace of mind. When my invoices were still kept in a filing cabinet, my electrician just couldn't understand why he wasn't being paid. Wrong filing cabinet, apparently. That won't happen again, to me or him (laughs)."