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Visiting Desmyttere Marketingadvies: "It's incredible how these young people possess so much insight."

Teamleader users take the floor: Desmyttere Marketingadvies from Sint-Martens-Latem is an independent consultancy between SMEs and performing parties, like web companies. 

One system is all we need

Teamleader users take the floor: one by one enterprises working more efficiently. Desmyttere Marketingadvies from Sint-Martens-Latem is an independent consultancy between SMEs and performing parties, like web companies. Their emphasis is on marketing strategy and planning, together with the right tools to use them. Desmyttere Markteingadvies also gives trainings to plan marketing actions. This way, companies get actively involved in their communication process.

Marketing advisor Michiel Destoop has already been using Teamleader for a year: earlier we literally had dozens of different programs running next to each other. The database with the contacts was on Mac, the lead tracking could be found in maps full of mails and notes. And then we still had the Excel files for the supplementary management." It would lead to an untenable situation, because of our growth at that moment: "By chance we were already looking for a CRM package for a client. When we noticed that Teamleader was already capable of doing so much, we were hooked (smiles)."

More time, less stress

Not long after that, Teamleader knew how to attract the entire team at Desmyttere: "I was already strongly impressed by the demo. Database segmenting, project management, list view: I could adjust everything immediately by myself." Obviously, the rest followed quickly after: "Today we do all our project management in Teamleader. Without constantly disrupting everybody, because the system keeps everyone up-to-date on the project status. Including shared agendas. Our productivity and teamspirit couldn't have been better."

Michiel wants to say something about the agendas: "We now actually have an intelligent planning, because Teamleader even calculates the traveling time to meetings." In short, a serious amount of time saved on the road. But also in the office: "The whole system starts up in no time, notwithstanding the huge database. And when we mail our marketing tips to thousands of subscribers, we actually see who reads them. The times of devious imports and exports are way behind us..."

Positive perspective

Desmyttere Marketingadvies and Teamleader, a fruitful cooperation. Yet still, a deeper integration is attractive, states Michiel: "Our invoices come from a different system, and exporting them to Teamleader is the next step. Through this, prognosis and statistics become child's play." The event module offers inspiration: "For example: an automatic mail with the presentation link or an evaluation form, directly after the training."

As a consultancy, Desmyttere particularly provides a helping hand that goes way beyond the pure marketing story: "We have referred a lot of customers to Teamleader, without asking anything in return. On the condition that the good service persists, of course. Director Peter says: "It's incredible how these young people possess so much insight."

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