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Visiting Cheyns Technics: "In just 4-years’ time, our turnover and our personnel doubled. Yet I still manage to stay on top of it."

Robin Van Cleemput Robin Van Cleemput on 18-Oct-2014 11:14:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Visiting Cheyns Technics:

Teamleader users take the floor: Cheyns Technics in De Pinte is an installer of technologies for new constructions and renovations. We spoke to Co-Business Manager Ruben Van den Bossche!

Custom constructed

Teamleader users take the floor: Cheyns Technics in De Pinte is an installer of technologies for new constructions and renovations. With plenty of individual areas of expertise: sanitation, heating, electricity, ventilation … Or automated sound and lighting. And Cheyns Technics handles the entire building process, as a total contractor, from floor to roof, with just as much expertise. Not your traditional construction company, and that shows in their house philosophy—a high-quality finish combined with intensive quality and service. Ruben Van den Bossche, co-Business Manager, calls himself a generalist: "I know something about everything, and my specialist colleagues are the opposite (laughs)."

The ideal man to direct communications & administration via Teamleader. "That's right, but the sales facet is another of my areas, so I maintain close contact with the customers right from the start." After our launch, 4 years ago, Teamleader seemed like some kind of an unreachable dream. Ruben explains: "As a result of the crisis, the building sector needed to quickly become more professional. We already had a robust structure, but unfortunately we also had a pile of loose Excel sheets. We could not find a customized system anywhere. We did find typical software for large companies—restrictively simplistic, yet needlessly complicated and, on top of that, extremely unattractive. Plus a lot of attention to things we had no use for, such as inventory management and HR administration.

Feedback for all

The breakthrough came in 2013. "The demo experience was very close to what we ourselves had wanted to develop. A mouldable package with permanent room for adjustments, including the lay-out of the quotations, a very sensitive point for a marketing man (smiles) … So we designed a handsome cover page which we adapt as needed in Teamleader." And we frequently color outside the lines. "Our quotations are not some vague list of materials but state exactly what the customer is paying for, without forgetting the broad outlines." Cheyns Technics also quickly became a fan of the feedback button. "A stroke of genius, because together we can perfect the entire system. We also embrace that transparency with our customers."

But that deserves a word of explanation: "Two examples. First, these same customers have access to their projects. They see the progress that is made and the invoicing, or they can update their contact details. Teamleader also displays graphic info—timelines, photo updates … Second, the customers give us feedback by way of an evaluation form." Ruben and his team, though, are also able to take a critical look at themselves. "Self-evaluation is just as important. Think, for example, of the recalculations, which keep the estimated price quotations and the actual work orders in line with one another. Why all the effort? Well, we tremble at the thought of unpleasant surprises later on. For the customer and for ourselves."

Maintaining an overview

Cheyns Technics is growing from strength to strength, and that is an understatement. "In just 4-years’ time, we have doubled both our turnover and our personnel. Yet we continue to manage the administration without adding extra personnel. Due in part to a detailed project monitoring system with 'milestones' and accompanying budgets, an interactive agenda with access for the whole team … In other words, satisfied personnel, and … customers. But, of course, even Teamleader has limitations. I would like to have the incoming invoices in the system, because that way there is more control over the cash flow." As an all-around installer, Cheyns Technics ultimately has great need for oversight. "That also applies to Teamleader, as a growth enterprise, that is. Standing by our original values and vision, while striving toward our ambitions with passion."