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Visiting BizPlus: "More credibility and integrity."

Teamleader users take the floor: based in Aartrijke, BizPlus advises and guides (starting) entrepreneurs who seek to expand their business. "Entrepreneurs pay too much for often incomplete information and an impersonal service."

Teamleader users take the floor: based in Aartrijke, BizPlus advises and guides (starting) entrepreneurs who seek to expand their business. Legal & social matters, issues involving HR and recruitment, payroll, legal documents or the self-employed status? Patrick Chalmet of BizPlus embodies the pinnacle of dynamic entrepreneurship: versatile, transparent, correct and above all authentic. "Entrepreneurs pay too much for often incomplete information and an impersonal service."

Track and learn

Variety is the spice of life. "That saying also goes for making the switch to a new system like Teamleader. A former colleague advised me to use it, I wanted a simple tool to keep track of all data. And learn from it, for example thanks to its elaborate project management." When guiding a CEO, the time tracking indicates how long I worked on it; when drawing up an employee handbook, Teamleader shows me if the pricing is justified." Time-saving and transparent. "The entire invoicing process is swifter, and allows me to abandon the eternal struggle with Excel templates."

Quantifying ambitions

The system confronts Patrick with the state of affairs. "Each quarter, I can check if the predetermined goals have been met. Money is no purpose on its own, it's a means that helps reach personal and social ambitions. Working part-time as an HR officer worked out great, but I'd also like to visit my brother in Scotland (smiles)." Teamleader supports entrepreneurship. "You should always question yourself. My wife takes care of the accounting, and last week we learned a lot from your training session. From now on, payments are visible and the link to the accounting package helps us save paperwork."

Spirit and service

The system is subject to non-stop evaluation as well. "Some features should be discovered by yourself. It would be nice if you'd contact me with suggestions based on what I use. But I realize such extra services come at a price." Our service in general however, is met with nothing but praise. "Even at 7 p.m. you receive immediate answers, while many other companies maintain a nine-to-five mindset and a hands-off style of working." Start-ups attract Patrick. "Their youthful spirit, the sense of initiative, you can feel that their goal is to move forward."

Rigorous tracking discipline

Patrick is not afraid to take blame where blame is due. "You will often find me at networking events. I have a good memory and remember a lot of these conversations, but I should learn to make better use of the system. Reports linked to a contact, for instance. "The article list on the other hand, is up-to-date. "I offer a wide variety of services, ranging from individual selection interviews to complete audits. It's useful to introduce all these things to the system separately, to allow for detailed invoicing."

Crystal clear & instructive

The invoicing feature provides Patrick with useful statistics. "I can see reliable customers and I have a realistic outline of the future turnover which allows me to make strategic decisions as to future revenue." A year ago, the projects module was activated. "An indispensable tool, allowing me to combine separate tasks into one larger project. I will be working full-time on a project for the next one-and-a-half month, and my customer will know exactly what I do at what price. This crystal-clear approach enhances my credibility and integrity. Two priceless aspects for someone who works face-to-face."

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