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Visiting Benton Apps: "SMEs need a readymade solution that grows with them."

Robin Van Cleemput Robin Van Cleemput on 30-Apr-2016 11:18:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Visiting Benton Apps:

Teamleader users take the floor: Benton Apps from Ghent is the brainchild of Bjorn Robbens. "I distributed CRM systems in the past, but Teamleader takes the cake."

Teamleader users take the floor: Benton Apps from Ghent is the brainchild of Bjorn Robbens. User-friendly mobile apps that help SMEs with their sales and marketing, so they can see immediate results and leave a highly professional impression on their customers - without comprimising their flexibility. Social media integrations, reporting, project databases, and much more, it's right up Bjorn's alley: "I distributed CRM systems in the past, but Teamleader takes the cake."

That's a nice compliment. "Years ago I was working for a giant American software company. I was the first to advise their CRM software to European clientele. Interesting times, but I wanted to do better." And so it happened: "16 employees, all sorts of recognition but no private life worth mentioning. So I sold the business." Eventually, Benton Apps followed: "A new business and a new client database made a CRM necessary again. Teamleader popped up in the news, and right away I was charmed by their approach."

Focus on SME

Why not develop something yourself? "First and foremost, we needed a new system fast. But we were also sold on Teamleader because of its simplicity, aesthetics and functionalities, especially compared with my former American employer's system." How so? "Most applications take months to figure out. On top of that, they aim wildly for anyone, from small businesses to multinationals, even though those respective company processes are vastly different. SMEs need a readymade solution that grows along with them." An innovative vision. "Absolutely. Many software companies' primary focus seems to be their direct revenue, with little regard for the long term."

Updated client information

Not Benton Apps. "We carefully keep track of what our customers are doing, even their LinkedIn profiles are visible. And the Trends Top integration helps us in screening new customers." The right information at the right time. "Customer data being filled in automatically when you enter an enterprise number is very handy, it keeps the database up-to-date. And it saves us a lot of time-consuming work." Which is essential to CRM. "The same goes for targets and statistics: I love knowing where I stand every day so the profitablity of projects becomes visible."

Small details, great consequences

Great follow-up is guaranteed. "As a growing company, flawless invoicing is crucial since it keeps our cash flow at the right level. No need to go through bank accounts, Teamleader reveals every open payment." Sometimes the details matter most: "You know which feature I find particulary powerful? Making templates from existing offers. That's how SMEs work: they make an offer, but then they go and look for a comparable offer to make a new one." Benton Apps lets its customers share the joy. "One of them was using Teamleader purely for handling employees' leave; other solutions were hugely expensive or required complex customisation. Now his sales team uses Teamleader as well."

Proper service

As for the support ... "Super. You can always get a hold of someone on the phone, they know exactly who you are. I assure you, a lot of international players can hardly be reached. That accessibility as an organisation, the feeling that proper assistance is just around the corner, that is huge." Bjorn sees even more potential. "Updates every few weeks, not blindly copying every suggestion: they obviously know what they're doing. Perhaps a little extra focus on the mobile app would be optimal, so the user experience is perfectly aligned. But Teamleader's trendsetter status is undeniable: we even developed a comprehensive mobile suite complete with Teamleader integration (smiles)."