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Visiting AAA+ Partners in Zorg: "Happy to be a Teamleader ambassador."

Teamleader users take the floor: AAA+ Partners in Zorg cares for the care sector. They optimize purchasing and logistics processes, capacity utilization and customer satisfaction. 

Teamleader users take the floor: AAA+ Partners in Zorg cares for the care sector. They optimize purchasing and logistics processes, capacity utilization and customer satisfaction. An integrated approach, because many care institutions are under serious pressure. Co-founder Wim Van Doorsselaere: "Effectiveness and efficiency are our priorities. Smooth admission to the hospital, what patient doesn't want that?

Unexpectedly efficient

AAA+ Partners in Zorg went through the drill internally, too. "After just 1 year, Excel and Outlook proved to be much too laborious to manage our growth. Many systems passed for review, including a large American package, but that was not at all instinctive." Teamleader brought an intuitive alternative. "In particular, we wanted to centralize the contacts, invoices and work hours. Today, we make telephone calls with the system, and soon we will link everything with our bookkeeper.

Feedback pays

The updates deserve praise. "When I see how quickly they react to our suggestions, well, hat's off. The look and details of our time sheets can now be adapted. All of the work hours are invoiced, even if the customer is not in a category. Wim himself once worked in software. "Of course, you cannot comply with all customer requests; finding the middle ground is best." And they have saved time. "Our invoicing runs phenomenally fast; 1 hour per month as opposed to a half day. But every detail is accurate, and the follow-up super smooth."


Wim identifies with the other stories. "I visit the blog once every 2 weeks. That way I learn about all the new things while getting better acquainted with the users (smiles)." Saving time remains a crucial point. "For example, a subscription budget that our customers use up via the ticketing feature, a kind of help desk. Speaking of help desks, I find the no-nonsense style at Teamleader very engaging. You explain something, and you directly have a conversation that leads to the solution." 

Mobile overview

AAA+ preaches and practices ease-of-use. "Even though our team is expanding intensively, we are maintaining more oversight and control than ever. The colleague who just called knows my schedule or vice versa. And ferreting out bank statements is not necessary, just sort the outstanding invoices." Visit reports increase transparency. "We do this more and more often, that's right. By the way, it's great that the system adapts itself to mobile use. Could we have time registration on that, too (smiles)?"


Wim is at home in the field of process optimization. "I feel like a Teamleader ambassador, I really do." One of their customers still has that aforementioned American system. "Their information is not logically structured or visible. Our system is well-thought-out, with a clear structure and superior ease-of-use. When I demonstrate it, the reaction is always the same—What? Really!"

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