Calculate your agency’s efficiency via ‘average profit per hour’ and ‘performance’

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 25-Mar-2021 10:13:40 in

You want your agency to grow. Or at least, that’s what we’re assuming. In that case, high efficiency is essential in order to achieve your objectives. The two KPIs ‘average profit per hour’ and ‘performance’ give you insight into your efficiency. In this blog, we explain how you can calculate this with the help of examples.

3 Reasons why billability-based evaluation is damaging for your agency

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 25-Mar-2021 10:13:15 in

All too often, creative agencies and consultancy firms see billability as the ultimate way of calculating and optimising their efficiency. However, evaluating solely on the basis of billability can cause serious damage to your business, for three reasons.

Which insights can you derive from KPIs to help you grow?

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 25-Mar-2021 10:12:51 in

KPIs can help your agency grow, but only if you link the right insights to them. How do you do that for the KPIs ‘average profit per hour’ and ‘performance’? This blog post will set you on the right path.

Coming soon: impress with the new and improved CloudSign

avatar Ward Boone on 18-Mar-2021 09:22:02 in Product Updates

Sending and presenting a quotation to a customer is a crucial step in the sales process. Both your communication and the quotation itself need to be clear and professional since they represent your business and the quality of work you deliver. As with all first impressions, you’ll never get a second chance to make one. That’s why our new and improved CloudSign platform guarantees a first impression that lasts.

Hard Work Pays Off: These 5 Colleagues Won a Teamleader Value Award

avatar Edward Huyghe on 01-Mar-2021 09:49:00 in Employer branding

Thank goodness, 2020 is behind us. Already two months into 2021, you’ll probably say it’s best not to look back. “A new beginning”, “out with the old, in with the new”, “the only way is forward”. And although we agree it’s better not to dwell on the past, we believe it’s fundamental to praise those colleagues who gave their absolute best (and more) during such challenging times. Also, we just like to celebrate.

Maintain your overview - and your sanity - with Teamleader’s Cross-projects Timeline

avatar Benny Waelput on 15-Feb-2021 11:59:36 in Product Updates

Juggling multiple projects at once and often don’t know where your head’s at? Teamleader’s Cross-projects Timeline visualises all your projects, making it easy to spot gaps in your planning, or which project needs your attention.

Predict your future income with Teamleader’s Financial Forecast

avatar Benny Waelput on 14-Jan-2021 16:30:00 in Product Updates

Stop wasting time sifting through bank statements and complicated Excel sheets to find out your business’s income in the upcoming months and start forecasting the easy way with Teamleader’s financial forecast. You get a clear and up-to-date overview of how much money you can expect to be paid in the current and upcoming two months, and you get to throw out those Excels!

Coming soon: a cross-projects timeline

avatar Benny Waelput on 27-Nov-2020 15:42:43 in Product Updates

Managing many projects at the same time is an undervalued talent of a project manager. In order to encourage them, we at Teamleader are currently developing a timeline that visualises all your projects.

Coming soon: the Work Breakdown as your projects starting point

avatar Benny Waelput on 27-Nov-2020 15:42:14 in Product Updates

A few months ago we introduced you to the Work Breakdown. Since then, we have gradually improved this helicopter view of your project. Since this page is the axis around which your entire project revolves, the Work Breakdown has been given an even more prominent place.

Coming soon: the financial forecast

avatar Benny Waelput on 27-Nov-2020 15:40:58 in Product Updates

Can you -without using complicated Excels and clumsy exports- quickly predict how much cold hard cash will be coming in the coming months? You will soon, thanks to your financial forecast in Teamleader.

On the Importance of First Impressions: The True Story Behind Employee Onboarding at Teamleader

avatar Edward Huyghe on 10-Nov-2020 16:29:33 in Employer branding

At Teamleader, we believe that it’s more than just common courtesy to make new colleagues feel welcome. Think of it this way: we all know that the first impression during a job interview has a huge impact on the chances of being hired later on. In the same way, the first few weeks at a new company are largely decisive in the new employee's decision to commit for the longer term.

Manage multiple company entities in one account

avatar Benny Waelput on 28-Jul-2020 10:11:41 in Product Updates

Is your business really versatile, and do you prefer not to limit yourself to only one company entity? Then we have some good news for you: from now on, you’ll be able to bring several entities together in one Teamleader account.

Why Teamleader employees can't stop smiling (a semi-scientific study)

avatar Edward Huyghe on 22-Jul-2020 11:03:04 in Employer branding

Have you ever set foot into a Teamleader office? Have you ever had a (physical or virtual) meeting with one of our lovely employees? If so, I'm sure you were stunned by that distinctive Teamleader smile. A broad, genuine, blissful grin that never fades, not even for a second. It's even claimed that the smiles of our support staff can be heard through the phone. But is there any explanation for the fact that Teamleader employees smile non-stop?

Types of invoices: overview and tips

avatar Cedric Auman on 09-Jul-2020 11:55:48 in invoicing

Whether you're a chimney sweep or developing blockchain applications, in the end the icing on the cake is the same in every business: the invoice. And in essence, all invoices are the same: they get you paid. But some are more equal than others. A quick overview of all types of invoices.

Online invoicing: how to create an online invoice easily

avatar Cedric Auman on 21-May-2020 19:30:24 in Digitisation & Productivity

The yellow postcard made way for SMS and WhatsApp, the paper diary was replaced by a digital one and even Playboy Magazine is having a hard time. It is therefore logical that more and more self-employed people are opting for digital invoices. You (soon) too? We will guide you through the need-to-know-info.

Need deal information? In comes the brand new detail page!

avatar Ward Boone on 11-May-2020 11:21:28 in Product Updates

Your deals get the attention they deserve. With a restyled deal overview and a brand new detail page per deal, you’ll never lose sight of a single detail.

How to make an invoice (+ examples)

avatar Cedric Auman on 07-May-2020 18:20:29 in Digitisation & Productivity

Correct invoices are worth gold to your company. Not only do they ensure that you are paid for your services or products, they also provide a clear overview of your income and expenses. But drawing up a (digital) invoice according to the rules of the art is not always easy. That's why we share tips, tricks, various examples and the whole aim. You're welcome!

Spring releases: 3 major product updates

avatar Sophie Soete on 07-May-2020 17:41:52 in Product Updates

With spring in the air, we opened windows and doors and let some fresh air circulate through Teamleader. We tweaked how you plan your work with projects, added a work order overview in your browser and improved the deal overview.

The project manager’s Walhalla: Teamleader’s new Work Breakdown

avatar Bram Bouwmeister on 23-Apr-2020 12:30:00 in Product Updates

As a project manager, you like to be prepared. Great news: with Teamleader’s new Work Breakdown you create clear estimates of the necessary work and you keep all of your projects perfectly under control. 

Product manager Pieter Reel: "With Teamleader we also look beyond just selling more and faster".

avatar Pieter Reel on 11-Mar-2020 10:39:46 in Product Updates

VP Product Didier Malherbe recently presented the first half of 2020 based on three themes. Today, product manager Pieter Reel zooms in on one of those themes and what you can expect from Teamleader soon.

Predict your sales revenue with the all-new Forecast Overview

avatar Pieter Reel on 03-Mar-2020 10:58:55 in Product Updates

Wondering how much sales revenue you’ll generate in the next three months? Find out in an instant with Teamleader’s brand new Forecast Overview.

A wide range of innovations: first half 2020 revealed

avatar Didier Malherbe on 12-Feb-2020 16:40:00 in Product Updates

At the end of last year, we were able to look back on a well-filled 2019 when it comes to our product. With a total of over 20 updates or improvements, Teamleader benefited from many changes. Is 2020 going to build further on this excellent momentum? Our VP Product Didier Malherbe gives you a glimpse of what’s in store.

It’s list time: a look back at 2019

avatar Benny Waelput on 31-Dec-2019 11:01:35 in Product Updates

We’re almost at the end of 2019, and although you’re probably knee-deep in end-of-year lists, we’d like to add just one more. It was a busy year, marked by many new developments. In total, we unveiled no fewer than 20 new features and improvements.

New: crystal clear project financials

Slow season? Not to us. Even on the hottest days of the year, our team went to work ferociously - resulting in a dazzling new update: crystal clear project financials!

7 dazzling updates to chase the post-summer blues away

avatar Benny Waelput on 17-Sep-2019 11:37:00 in Teamleader

As summer draws to a close, we want to give you an update on the (heat)wave of features and updates we’ve been working on these past months.

Teamleader acquires software company Yadera: "a perfect match"

avatar Jeroen De Wit - CEO on 03-Sep-2019 09:00:13 in News

Today, we are proud: proud to announce that the Belgian software company Yadera is now under the wings of Teamleader! With this acquisition, we welcome a fine team with outstanding software into our Teamleader family.

Five keys for building customer engagement

avatar Jay Ripton on 22-Aug-2019 14:53:49 in Sales & Marketing

Winning a new customer is nice, but keeping that customer and turning them into a repeat buyer is even better.

It’s here: the sales pipeline view set to drive your sales

avatar Pieter Reel on 12-Aug-2019 14:49:52 in Product Updates

Teamleader just launched an exciting sales feature: the sales pipeline view. Find out why this update is set to drive your sales efforts!

Sales growth: 6 hacks by outbound king Aaron Ross

If there was a Sales Hall of Fame, Aaron Ross would be listed as Outbound King. In just a few years, he led to $100 million extra revenue by introducing his innovative cold calling 2.0 technique.

Businesses sell 23% more and 35% faster with Teamleader

avatar Katrien Baert on 18-Jun-2019 10:36:29 in Teamleader, Sales & Marketing

In an earlier blog post, we explained how Teamleader helps you manage your sales funnel and optimise the sales process. But while we may argue we help you grow your business, what proof do we actually have?

NEW: Send, book and process all your invoices at once

avatar Cedric Auman on 16-May-2019 11:13:54 in Product Updates

In addition to shipping new, major updates, our team works behind the scenes to tighten screws on existing features. This month, we’ve added new bulk actions, so you can spend less time managing invoices!

NEW: measure the profitability of your projects

avatar Cedric Auman on 16-May-2019 11:13:44 in Product Updates

If you run a project-based business, you know many things can get between you and project success: scope changes, budget limitations, team dynamics, to name but a few.

NEW: Create work orders using the mobile app

avatar Cedric Auman on 16-May-2019 11:13:36 in Product Updates

It's been one year since we launched our new mobile app, and it's time for a major update: work orders. Easily keep track of what you did for which customer, and bill your hours accordingly.

Teamleader updates: profit on projects, bulk actions, work orders

avatar Cedric Auman on 16-May-2019 11:13:17 in Product Updates

At our yearly Work Smarter event in Belgium, we announced not one, not two, but three great Teamleader updates!

Proforma invoices: when, why and how to use them

avatar Cedric Auman on 23-Apr-2019 16:12:59 in Sales & Marketing

Proforma invoices are often used to provide customers with more information about their purchase. Find out what proforma invoices include, what makes them different from quotations and regular invoices and how to create a proforma invoice yourself. 

What is a USP and why is it crucial for your SME?

avatar Cedric Auman on 23-Apr-2019 13:47:00 in Sales & Marketing

Every business and every brand needs a USP, or  Unique Selling Proposition. Even SMEs, if your aim is to compete with every competitor, regardless of size.

What is CRM?

avatar Cedric Auman on 19-Apr-2019 16:31:31 in Sales & Marketing

If your business uses CRM, you’re probably well aware of what it can do for your sales revenue and customer relationships. If you don’t, this blog provides an honest perspective on all the things Customer Relationship Management could mean to you and your company.

How Teamleader keeps your data secure

avatar Stijn Vannieuwenhuyse on 10-Apr-2019 14:58:42 in Product Updates

Digitisation is getting a more and more prominent role in businesses. We here at Teamleader can only encourage this trend (since our business relies on it). But there’s always a side effect to innovation.

How a SWOT analysis helps your business make better decisions

avatar Cedric Auman on 10-Apr-2019 12:26:00 in Sales & Marketing

Looking for a powerful tool to outline the best strategy for your SME and/or your marketing? Perform a SWOT analysis.

How does VAT work for your SME?

avatar Cedric Auman on 08-Apr-2019 16:07:00 in Sales & Marketing

VAT: as law-abiding customers, we pay them every day, by means of our numerous purchases. But what exactly is VAT? What different rates exist?

Teamleader & Zapier: connect to 1000+ apps

Always wanted to connect your favourite business tools to Teamleader, but lack the coding experience? Great news: we’ve just added over 1000 integrations at once, thanks to a little tool called Zapier that hooks one app to another.

What can you expect from Teamleader in 2019?

avatar Tom Schouteden - CTO on 02-Apr-2019 09:54:00 in

We’re already well into 2019, so it’s time to give you an update on the roadmap we published about one year ago. A lot has changed since then: our product, our organisation and your requests as well.

The new Time Tracker: tracking time was never easier

avatar Charlotte Vanden Bussche on 26-Mar-2019 10:43:14 in Product Updates

Tracking time is a bit like spring cleaning: we all know it needs to be done, but nobody actually enjoys doing it. That changes today, with Teamleader’s all-new Time Tracker.

Teamleader's referral program: bigger and better rewards

avatar Cedric Auman on 04-Mar-2019 08:00:00 in Product Updates

We’ve revamped our referral program to grant you bigger and better rewards. What’s new and what’s in it for you? Read on to find out!

Teamleader's customer support: how to find the answer you need

avatar Cedric Auman on 14-Jan-2019 14:45:22 in Teamleader

Teamleader is there to make your life - or well, your work - easier. That philosophy is also the premise of our customer support system. We want to help solve your questions or issues as quickly as possible, with a dedicated support team that speaks your language.

The Business Card Scanner is back!

avatar Ward Boone on 19-Dec-2018 13:40:08 in Product Updates

In May this year we released our new mobile app. Since then, we’ve been able to develop new features and update existing ones at a much higher rate. Exciting times ahead of us!

Why your CRM must be in sync with your webshop

To manage a successful web shop, there's a lot you need to know and do. As you grow, chances are you won't know each and every customer on a first name basis anymore.  

How has Teamleader evolved this past year?

avatar Benny Waelput on 17-Dec-2018 14:35:55 in Product Updates

2018 is coming to a close. Time for a recap of how your favourite business tool has evolved over the past year. And dare we give a sneak peek into 2019 as well? (Spoiler: the answer is yes. Read on to the end of this article!)

How to create an impeccable project plan: free template

A project plan is the foundation every project is built upon. Without a strong framework, you’re in for a rough ride: your project will never start off on the right foot, nor will it land the way you had originally intended it to.

Teamleader’s most popular integrations for agencies

The Teamleader Marketplace has tons of integrations with different kinds of productivity tools. Having more integrations doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re working smarter. Since we’re here to help you save time, here’s a list of the most popular integrations our agency customers use.

Get invoices paid faster with these integrations

Nobody likes to wait for their money. When you’ve delivered a service to a customer, you’d rather have your fee with the snap of a finger. We can’t help you with that, were not magicians (unfortunately), but we can help you make it as easy as possible to get your invoices paid faster.

Why we’re building it: Teamleader’s new invoice overview

avatar Benny Waelput on 15-Oct-2018 10:00:00 in Product Updates

In our Roadmap for 2018 we’ve mentioned a few stylish makeovers were coming your way, on top of some extra features. One of the bigger makeovers - if not the biggest one - was our invoicing redesign. It’s time to present you what we’ve been working on and what’s coming up in the future.

Data silos: how to break down internal barriers

Businesses use more apps than ever to perform even the smallest tasks - with the potential downside of creating data silos. Read on to find out how to avoid them.

Multi-currency in Teamleader: effortless business around the globe

avatar Benny Waelput on 21-Aug-2018 14:57:26 in Product Updates

If you’re doing business with other, non eurozone countries, you’ll be delighted: Teamleader offers you a way to create quotations and invoicing effortlessly in all available currencies (with the exception of cryptocurrencies).

Beta testing at Teamleader - help us break stuff!

avatar Benny Waelput on 15-Aug-2018 17:04:00 in Product Updates

Ever since we started Teamleader in 2012, beta testing has been a vital part of our development process. Having users test features before their official launch has been of indisputable value in the evolution of our product, and will be even more so in the future.

21 project management methodologies you can use for your next creative project

avatar Max Benz - on 13-Aug-2018 14:44:59 in Project Management

The first important decision of a project manager? Picking the right project management methodology! Agile, Scrum, PRISM, Waterfall. There are tons of different approaches. Hence, it’s important to know about the pros and cons of each of them, and come to a valid decision.

[Press release] Teamleader raises 18.5M EUR in Series C funding round

avatar Monica Van Huylenbroeck - Marketing on 03-Aug-2018 10:35:40 in Teamleader

Ghent, Belgium, 2 August 2018 - Teamleader, known for its SaaS platform for CRM, project management and invoicing, announced today that it has closed a Series C funding round of $ 22 million (18,5M EUR).

Building multi-currency in Teamleader

avatar Benny Waelput on 05-Jun-2018 09:23:07 in Product Updates

The Euro is the world’s second most tradable currency, used by 19 of the 28 EU member states. So that means there’s a reasonable amount of economic traffic in other currencies in and outside of the EU. In our mission to help European SMEs work smarter, providing multi-currency options is really a key factor. Since April 2016, Teamleader offered the possibility to convert deals and invoices - only for the end total - into a different currency. We’re glad to announce that we have expanded our multi-currency features for you to try out in beta.

Feature Friday: It’s here: meet Teamleader’s new mobile app!

avatar Benny Waelput on 16-May-2018 10:38:00 in Product Updates

At our Belgian Work Smarter event on May 15, CTO Tom Schouteden and CEO Jeroen De Wit proudly presented Teamleader’s new mobile app to over 500 attendees. 

Teamleader's new navigation menu

avatar Benny Waelput on 23-Apr-2018 09:09:51 in Product Updates

A few weeks ago we announced we were redesigning our navigation menu. Since then, we’ve had some beta users try it out and the results were very positive. That means you too can expect a new and improved navigation menu soon. Our gradual roll-out for all users will start April 23!

Teamleader welcomes Country Manager José Marcos Lopéz-Ríos

avatar Jeroen De Wit - CEO on 17-Apr-2018 14:52:54 in Where we are going

It’s been almost one and a half year since we opened our office in Madrid, and our team has grown considerably since then. Last month, we welcomed seasoned IT specialist José Marcos Lopéz-Ríos as our new Country Manager for Spain. We’re happy to briefly introduce him to you!

Data security at Teamleader: a glimpse of our security measures

As a fast-growing European company, Teamleader takes data security very seriously. This article defines what data security is about, and outlines a series of measures our Product and Engineering team has taken to ensure full security of the data our users entrust us with.

Itay Haber (CCO) and Marc Zinnemers (CFO) join Teamleader's executive leadership team

avatar Fay Haelterman - Copywriter on 16-Apr-2018 12:06:43 in Where we are going

We’re very excited to announce two new hires for our executive team. Learn more about Itay Haber and Marc Zinnemers’ role and the value they’ll create for our company and our customers.

1 out of 2 SMEs don’t know what the GDPR is: take action today

The GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is fast approaching. On May 25th 2018, all entities that process personal data of data subjects (i.e. an identified or identifiable natural person) located in the EU will need to comply with the new legal data privacy framework. Compliance is a necessity, not a choice. Find out everything your SME needs to know about the GDPR.

GDPR: what it means for your small business

Every company processes personal data. Whether you’re creating a mailing list or membership card, this is data that will be subjected to the General Data Protection Regulation. But what is the GDPR exactly? Will it change the way you do business? Which measures do you need to take? In this article, we’ll concisely and comprehensively explain what the GDPR means and how it affects small businesses.

How the GDPR will impact your customer data management

25 May 2018 marks the day the General Data Protection Regulation will come into force. The GDPR provides better control over personal data and assures more data security across Europe. Read on to find out the biggest changes regarding your customer data management.

GDPR checklist: 10 steps your business must take

25 May 2018: the new European GDPR framework is only a couple of months away. What will change for you as an SME, and how can you make sure you’re fully compliant with the new requirements?

GDPR: Teamleader’s role as data collector and processor

With the new GDPR, Teamleader acts both as a controller and processor of data. Learn what this means for you as a Teamleader user, how you can benefit from our GDPR measures and what your own responsibilities are.

Coming soon: Teamleader's brand new navigation menu

avatar Benny Waelput on 09-Mar-2018 09:38:00 in Product Updates

In the business software industry, standing still means falling behind. That’s why we always strive to evolve. Sometimes we change small things - tweaks or bug fixes that are hardly visible to you as an end user. Other times, we change visual items that drastically impact your experience. Since 2012, however, one thing remained largely unchanged: our navigation menu. And there was room for improvement, especially in terms of usability.

Why you need to invest in email marketing

Email marketing: do or don’t? In this blog, we’ll share with you what email marketing is about and highlight five reasons why it’s a must-have in every small business’ marketing strategy.

Creating an email marketing strategy: 9 steps to email success

Email should be one of your most important marketing channels. Why? Because email marketing is affordable, offers big returns - up to 4300% according to the Digital Marketing Institute - and helps you reach a large audience. But how do you create a sustainable email marketing strategy? Find out here.

Email marketing tools: how to use Mailchimp & Campaign Monitor?

Email marketing is a great way to grow and promote your business and establish a relationship with (potential) customers. At the heart of email marketing lie two seemingly contradictory features: you'd like to email many people at once, but with messages that are as personalised as possible.

SaaStr 2018: Boost your sales efforts with these expert tips

avatar Sofie De Beule on 19-Feb-2018 09:09:43 in Digitisation & Productivity

Teamleader headed out to SaaStr Annual in San Francisco, February 6-8: the largest SaaS event in the world. The result: a backpack filled with business and technology insights we can’t wait to share with you.

SaaStr 2018: The role of a CFO

Teamleader headed out to SaaStr Annual in San Francisco, February 6-8: the largest SaaS event in the world. The result: a backpack filled with business and technology insights. We’re happy to share some things we learned with you!

SaaStr 2018: 5 key takeaways

Teamleader headed out to SaaStr Annual in San Francisco, February 6-8: the largest SaaS event in the world. The result: a backpack filled with business and technology insights - and our Chief of Staff would like to share her main takeaways with you.

SaaStr 2018: How to create customer happiness according to 5 experts

avatar Sofie Dewyn - Customer Onboarding Manager on 16-Feb-2018 15:01:38 in

Teamleader headed out to SaaStr Annual in San Francisco, February 6-8: the largest SaaS event in the world. The result: a backpack filled with business and technology insights. How can you use this knowledge to create more customer happiness? We gathered tips from 5 experts.

SaaStr 2018: Measure the ROI of your employees with ELTV

avatar Sofie De Beule on 13-Feb-2018 17:13:20 in Digitisation & Productivity

Teamleader headed out to SaaStr Annual in San Francisco, February 6-8: the largest SaaS event in the world. The result: a backpack filled with business and technology insights we can’t wait to share with you. First up: understanding the importance of ELTV.

Teamleader's new dashboard: paving the road for better UX

avatar Benny Waelput on 05-Feb-2018 14:00:00 in Product Updates

At Teamleader, helping SMEs work smarter has always been our main goal. By offering an intuitive tool paired with a user-friendly design, we allow business to save time and focus on what matters most.

[Video] How Teamleader developed a customer-centric culture

avatar Fay Haelterman on 25-Jan-2018 14:14:46 in Sales & Marketing

Want to make your customers truly happy? This is how Teamleader created a customer-focused culture: watch the video to get some practical tips on becoming a customer-centric company. 

5 companies that sell more with Teamleader

Looking for a sales management tool? Teamleader can help you get more out of your sales and marketing - our customers are living proof. Hear what our customers have to say about sales with Teamleader.

Manage your sales funnel with Teamleader

Looking for software to help you manage sales? Teamleader can support you. Read on to discover how to keep track of all steps in your sales funnel with intuitive software.

Use software to understand your sales funnel

There's plenty of software out there to support your sales funnel and help you sell faster and better. Use these tools to quickly gather customer data, follow up on your prospects and analyse sales results. What should your sales funnel look like and which software do you need during every phase?

Teamleader's product vision for the future: an interview with our CEO, CPO & CTO

avatar Benny Waelput on 11-Jan-2018 15:55:00 in Product Updates

Where do we want to go with Teamleader? And what was our product focus in the past 5 years and in 2017? We chatted with CEO Jeroen De Wit, CPO Andreas Creten and CTO Tom Schouteden about Teamleader’s future product vision.

[Video] From Excel to Teamleader in a few clicks

Do you use Excel as a customer database? Check out this video to discover why and how you should switch from Excel to real CRM software... in just a few clicks. 

What is a sales funnel and how can you use one?

To ensure the survival and growth of your business, you need new customers. A sales funnel helps you follow up on leads and sell swiftly.

7 characteristics every salesperson should have

Prospects simply tune out pushy, annoying sales people using sales tricks like “I have just the right solution for you to help you save money. Can we chat?” Instead, a great salesperson has a diverse set of qualities that guarantees sales success.

[Video] Customer-centric selling with Jacco Van der Kooij

As a seasoned sales expert, Jacco Van der Kooij is the man to talk to when it comes to building and scaling your sales process. We organised a deep dive session to learn from the man behind "Winning by Design". 

Excel versus CRM: an unequal battle

At first, Excel seems capable of managing your customer relationships. But as your company grows, you will soon start needing more scalable tools.

6 CRM examples: how businesses like yours are using it

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools allow SMEs of all shapes and sizes to boost sales and marketing efficacy. These 6 CRM examples illustrate how businesses like yours are using it.

Cloud CRM: 5 reasons why it will boost your business revenue

Investing in CRM is a great idea if you want to digitise your company, minimise administrative work and optimise processes such as sales and marketing. What is a cloud CRM and why do you need one? This article will show you how cloud CRM can boost your business revenue.

Teamleader API: why did we choose an RPC architecture?

avatar Benny Waelput on 13-Dec-2017 10:02:00 in Product Updates

"Why isn't your new API based on REST architecture? Isn't that the standard nowadays?" That's probably the most recurring feedback we heard when discussing our new API. A justifiable remark, and we'd love to give you a quick answer.

New API for developers: solid foundation for new integrations

A new API is big news. In between the lines of code, you can see the outlines of our future application. You'll also see that we made some remarkable choices while building it. Here’s a quick recap of the process.

How to attract customers: 12 proven techniques

According to Marketo, 61% of marketers indicate that generating high-quality leads is their biggest challenge. This means that all business need to put a lot of effort in attracting leads. To make this a bit easier, it’s key to get a grip on some basic but proven marketing tactics - these 12 techniques are essential if you want to know how to attract customers more effectively.

Teamleader 53rd in Deloitte's European Fast 500 ranking in Paris

avatar Jennifer Legrand on 12-Dec-2017 17:05:22 in

After winning the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award in Belgium last month, Teamleader proves its growth on an international level isn’t lagging behind. Our team reached a new level of excellence by finishing 53rd in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 ranking in the EMEA zone including 18 countries such as Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Teamleader CRM: all customer data at your fingertips

Do you want to grow your business, have happy customers and save time and money? Teamleader is the perfect solution to manage your customer relationships.

Customer data management: how to build a customer database

A customer database helps you improve customer retention, increase revenue and increase the value of each customer. Read on to find out the ins and outs of customer data management.

Sales techniques: 5 highly effective modern sales methods

Old-school sales techniques don’t cut it anymore in today’s business. Customers are more educated than ever and have many options available to them. But most of all, they hate being sold to.

How to qualify leads with Teamleader

No business can truly blossom without proper lead qualification. However, Gleanster Research shows that 75% of leads aren’t suited for sales. If those leads do slip into your sales process, they will be hard to sell to or barely interested. We’re talking unenthusiastic phone calls, missed appointments and unanswered emails that just cost time and money.

Lead qualification: why it matters and how to sell to the right leads

Talking to the right leads is important to any business: time is limited, and it would be a shame to waste it on leads that will never pan out. It’s not about how many potential customers you talk to - but about reaching the right ones. The ones that convert, buy your products, and ultimately end up referring your business to other potential customers. And that’s where lead qualification comes in.

Teamleader wins Deloitte’s Fast 50 and qualifies for the Fast 500 final in Paris!

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 16-Nov-2017 12:04:20 in Where we are going

Who doesn’t love winning? We know we do. And we couldn’t be more excited to win Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 award for the fastest-growing tech company headquartered in Belgium. Even more exciting news: this qualifies us for the Technology Fast 500 EMEA in Paris on December 7th, joining an all-star lineup of the most innovative, rapid growers in Europe. Suit up!

Infographic: 10 steps to make the most out of any conference

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 03-Nov-2017 10:04:00 in Sales & Marketing

Conferences, fairs & events such as WebSummit have massive value to companies. So how do you make the most out of them?

Feature Friday: better follow-up of sales deals by linking related calls, tasks and meetings

avatar Benny Waelput on 27-Oct-2017 10:00:00 in Product Updates

Great news! From now on, it’s easier to link tasks, calls and meetings to deals. You can even link past tasks, calls and meetings. So no worries if you forgot to link them.

Feature Friday: define visibility for Ticketcloud

avatar Benny Waelput on 20-Oct-2017 10:00:00 in Product Updates

Ticketcloud is an online platform where people who emailed you a support question can see the conversation they are having with your support team and reply there instead of via email.

Teamleader opens a French office

avatar Fay Haelterman - Copywriter on 19-Oct-2017 11:38:03 in Where we are going

Teamleader has opened offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Italy. The list is getting longer and longer, but that didn’t stop us of setting our sights on France. On the 12th of October, we proudly opened our new office in Paris.

CRM software: essential to customer centricity

To improve customer relationships, businesses need three things: technology, people and processes. Here’s how CRM software will help.

New Outlook add-in

avatar Benny Waelput on 09-Sep-2017 14:48:00 in Product Updates

As of today, you can find our new Outlook add-in on our Teamleader Marketplace. Why is this important to you? We’ll explain.

Teamleader Marketplace - build your own integrations!

avatar Benny Waelput on 08-Sep-2017 15:39:00 in Product Updates

You might have heard, but on May 11th, we launched our very own Teamleader Marketplace: a place where all sorts of integrations and productivity apps are gathered. The goal of this Marketplace? To make it easier for our customers to connect Teamleader with lots of helpful integrations.

Ticketing software for SMEs: how it helps your business

Ticketing software can help your SME provide excellent service, winning over the hearts and minds of your customers. Read on to find out how.  

New! DATEV Chrome plugin

avatar Benny Waelput on 24-Aug-2017 16:34:00 in Product Updates

Are you or your accountant are using Datev in order manage your bookkeeping? Then we have very good news for you. Via our free Chrome Plugin, you can easily export all your invoices and credit notes from Teamleader in the needed format that will allow you to import those data into Datev. 

Infographic: understanding the digital consumer

How can SMEs embrace the digital consumer? Keynote speaker and digital strategist Gerrie Smits discusses facts, trends and the 'Flip' in this infographic. 

Customer centricity for SMEs: how Halito! made it work

How can SMEs adopt a customer-centric approach? Halito!’s Customer Success Manager sat down with us to explain their approach and share a few useful tips.

Understanding the digital consumer: 6 key insights by Gerrie Smits

The way in which consumers interact with businesses continues to evolve at lightning speed. In today’s digital era, keynote speaker Gerrie Smits believes businesses should focus on understanding their customer - above all else.

Teamleader Marketplace - build your own integrations!

avatar Benny Waelput on 10-Aug-2017 14:55:00 in Product Updates

You might have heard, but on May 11th, we launched our very own Teamleader Marketplace: a place where all sorts of integrations and productivity apps are gathered. The goal of this Marketplace? To make it easier for our customers to connect Teamleader with lots of helpful integrations.

Being a customer-centric organisation: what does it mean?

Acquiring and retaining customers has become increasingly harder, but SMEs are turning the tide. Instead of primarily paying attention to gaining new business, the focus is on building long-term relationships with existing customers. To do so, you need to become a customer-centric organisation.

Build better relationships in the Digital Age

Is customer centricity just another buzzword? The customer has always been king, but is gaining power every day. With digitisation on the rise, customers demand excellent services - any place, any time. How can you meet their expectations and become a more customer-centric organisation?

Customer-centric business for SMEs: digital customer experience

What’s your company’s top priority? One thing’s for sure: product and processes are no longer the most important dynamics. Today, it’s not about what’s the most important thing - but who: your customers. And digital has a big role to play.

Customer-centric selling for SMEs: what does it mean?

The way you sell to your customers is crucial, because it sets the standard for a potential long-term relationship. Using a customer-centric approach to selling makes the most out of every opportunity to get new customers on board. Here’s how.

Customer-centric selling by Jacco Vanderkooij: how small businesses can excel at sales

Customer-centric selling is a key part of becoming a customer-centric organisation: your customer is at the forefront of everything you do. It boils down to making your customers successful and providing true added value.

Customer segmentation: why it matters to SMEs

As an SME, you want to maintain close relationships with those that matter most to your business - your customers - and keep them engaged. Customer segmentation is a great way to do this: it helps you communicate a meaningful message, and allows you to stay on top of every relationship.

Aardman: "Teamleader offered exactly the features we needed to improve our sales process."

avatar Sofie De Beule on 14-Jul-2017 16:16:52 in Digitisation & Productivity

Teamleader helps Aardman get a better grip on their sales process. Keep reading to learn more about their story. 

Time management tools for SMEs: discover the Eisenhower matrix

avatar Sofie De Beule on 12-Jul-2017 15:23:43 in Digitisation & Productivity

There are only so many rules or tips you can actively take into account to really master time management. For SMEs, the Eisenhower matrix might be one of the best: it helps you divide and conquer, and safeguard your time.

Measuring customer satisfaction: which methods should you use?

How happy are your customers? If you know that 91% of unhappy customers will likely never buy from your business again, customer satisfaction becomes a key metric to track. Even if your customers seem satisfied, do you know why they love your company? Use the right methods to measure customer satisfaction and figure it out.

Project management in construction: use 'the lean method'

avatar Ellen Doms - Product Owner on 29-Jun-2017 17:32:03 in Project Management

Every project manager needs to find a balance between finishing projects on time, staying within budget, and avoiding quality loss. In the construction industry, it’s even more complex. A lot of different parties are involved, projects are planned on the long term and a lot of tasks are codependent.

Project management for creative agencies: the essentials

avatar Ellen Doms - Product Owner on 22-Jun-2017 17:40:02 in Project Management

In the creative industry, the pressure’s always on to deliver cool projects to wow customers. It’s often tough to keep a cool head and deliver successful projects from A to Z, every project at a time. That’s why you need to have a few essentials in place to get from cool idea to ready-to-ship without any significant bumps along the way.

Project management for IT businesses: the ins & outs

avatar Cedric Auman - Copywriter on 22-Jun-2017 17:18:16 in Project Management

According to McKinsey & Co, the average IT project is 45% over budget, 7% over time, and delivers 56% less value than initially set out. Just one of those mismanaged projects can jeopardise the entire future of your business. Word travels fast, which also rings true for negative word-of-mouth.

Customer-centric selling: how to make customers fall in love with your SME

In the past, businesses were extremely sales-oriented. Once a deal was closed, customer were left in the dark without proper customer service. This often resulted in high churn rates across the board. Nowadays, SMEs are tyring to put customers first. Customers loyalty is the new currency.

Time management for SMEs: 6 simple steps

How do you fit everything you have to do in an average work day? It can be quite a challenge, and at times, even stressful. But it shouldn’t be; the time you have should do the trick, if only you spend it wisely.

Why project management fails: 7 common causes

According to the Project Management Institute, only 26% of all projects succeed. This means that most projects fail: they aren’t finished on time, go over budget, or don’t have the desired end result. A lot of these failures can be attributed to inadequate project management.

Atelier Schrauwen: "With Teamleader, we have a better overview and feel more in control.”

Woodworker Jef Schrauwen was one of Teamleader's early adopters, and has gained more overview and control over his business because of it. Read the full story here.

8 essential skills for great project managers

avatar Ellen Doms - Product Owner on 09-Jun-2017 09:00:27 in Project Management

The project manager has a vital role to play in every project’s success. Apart from harassing everyone about deadlines, he or she needs a particular set of skills to get the job done. Here are the 8 essential talents every project manager should possess to a greater or lesser extent.

Lead management: from lead to customer in just 12 steps

How do you ensure a streamlined workflow? CRM, project planning, invoicing and support: with these 12 steps, you can manage your entire business from A to Z.

Project management: 5 steps and phases

avatar Ellen Doms - Product Owner on 02-Jun-2017 11:54:51 in Project Management

The amount of planning and work required to manage and complete a project can be overwhelming at first. Instead of throwing yourself out of the nearest office window, the best approach is to break it all down into ‘manageable’ portions and structure the required efforts into clear steps. Here’s how.

Project management software: which features are vital for SMEs?

As a project manager, you’re juggling resources, phases, responsibilities and team members every day. Luckily, there’s help available – lots of help. These days, tons of project management tools are clamoring for your attention. But what features should you look for?

Working at Teamleader: meet our interns

A lot of people remember their internship as follows: working for free, doing the chores that everyone dislikes, still being called the wrong name after weeks of internship...

Project management: assign roles and responsibilities with Teamleader

Project planning is essential to every company. A clear schedule provides a strong framework and improves communication with your clients. Discover how the Teamleader software can help you improve your project planning now. 

Teamleader Marketplace: one central place for all your integrations

avatar Benny Waelput on 15-May-2017 14:39:00 in Product Updates

Today, Teamleader launches a new platform: the Marketplace. It contains nearly 100 integrations with SME software, ranging from accounting tools and Microsoft Office to cloud applications for online payments, marketing, telephony, and much more.

4 ways to reduce the administrative burden of your SME

avatar Sofie De Beule on 08-May-2017 17:04:07 in Digitisation & Productivity

Administration: it’s a necessary task but it can easily take up your whole agenda. Time is money- unfortunately, managing your administration quickly becomes a time-consuming and expensive burden. And it’s high time to change that.

Digitising your SME: how to discover the right tools

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 08-May-2017 16:09:46 in Digitisation & Productivity

Digitisation comes with a lot of questions and concerns for many SMEs. The following 4 tips will bring clarity on how to choose the right tools.

Project teams: picking the right people for your project

If you're involved in projects, you rarely work alone. Having people on board with the right skills and personalities is paramount to meeting your goals and objectives. With the right team, you can conquer any deadline. But how do you build your perfect project team?

Project management for SMEs: fundamentals and principles

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 17-Apr-2017 19:45:19 in Project Management

The smaller your company, the greater the impact of failed projects on your business. That’s why project management is crucial for SMEs in particular. While every project is different, the following fundamentals can make virtually all of them run smoothly.

Adjusted day view in calendar

avatar Benny Waelput on 24-Mar-2017 03:00:00 in Product Updates

We've adjusted our day view in the calendar to make it easier for you to schedule your day. It's also in favor of our new project planning module. If you use the projects module, look out for something new next week!

2 awards for Teamleader at the ToTango Customer Success Summit

avatar Alexia Coppens on 17-Mar-2017 21:08:58 in Digitisation & Productivity

Our Customer Success team won 2 Customer Success Hero Awards at the ToTango Customer Success Summit in San Francisco. We were rewarded for our unique and dynamic approach - here's what our Customer Success strategy looks like. 

New version LinkedIn plugin

avatar Benny Waelput on 10-Mar-2017 09:35:00 in Product Updates

Great news! Teamleader’s LinkedIn plugin has received an update: it’s now compatible with the new version of LinkedIn’s layout.

Digitisation: only for the young, hip companies in town?

avatar Cedric Auman on 19-Feb-2017 15:56:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Digitisation works, in every sector. We visited a couple of SMEs and picked their brain to learn how they took their first digital steps. Read on to learn more.

Task behaviour in project templates

avatar Benny Waelput on 17-Feb-2017 17:00:00 in Product Updates

If you’re an avid user of the Teamleader project module and you have a lot of similar, recurring projects, then chances are you’re making use of the project templates function.

Digitisation: why is it 2017 in your living room but still 1998 at the office?

avatar Fay Haelterman on 14-Feb-2017 15:06:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Digitising your business is a bit like spring cleaning; everyone knows it has to happen, but no one really feels like doing it.

The future of sales and marketing: what lies ahead?

Now that automation and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly important, what does the future of sales and marketing look like? Find out here.

Create flexible payment terms

avatar Benny Waelput on 27-Jan-2017 14:10:00 in Product Updates

Create your own customisable payment terms for invoices and subscriptions!

Is Good Quality Data a Part of Your Business Strategy?

avatar Vanessa - PieSync on 23-Jan-2017 16:59:15 in Digitisation & Productivity

In the future, an increasing amount of sales will be driven by customer data. How do you make sure this data is of high quality? And how can it guide you towards informed business decisions? 

Get More Out of Teamleader by Using PieSync

avatar Vanessa - PieSync on 23-Jan-2017 16:58:19 in Digitisation & Productivity

Good quality data is essential for your sales and marketing campaigns. This integration can help you collect this data!

Infographic: how to build a better workflow

avatar Cedric Auman - Copywriter on 15-Dec-2016 00:00:00 in

From marketing to sales and customer service: Teamleader makes work easy by optimising everyone’s workflow. This infographic illustrates how.

4 Challenges any consultant faces

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 23-Nov-2016 17:07:27 in Digitisation & Productivity

Consultants need to be experts in their field plus relationship management, but also take care of some marketing, sales and administration. Discover more here. 

"Failing Forward": success and failure as an international scale-up

 The road from start-up to international scale-up is covered with obstacles. How did we tackle those, and what did we learn from that? Read on!

Teamleader raises 10 million euros in new funding

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 10-Nov-2016 10:28:37 in Digitisation & Productivity

Teamleader receives a new capital injection for 10 million euros. A new highlight in an already fantastic 2016!

10 steps to make the most out of any conference

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 09-Nov-2016 00:00:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Networking and industry events are essential to all companies, but how to make sure your company gets a good return on investment and draws the right visitors?

Converting clients 101: Going in for the kill

avatar Cedric Auman on 13-Oct-2016 14:13:22 in Digitisation & Productivity

Closing a customer is kind of like going in for the kill - without the violence of course. So how can you make sure all your efforts in closing a sale don’t go to waste?

Business card scanning, Piesync integration

avatar Benny Waelput on 07-Oct-2016 15:55:00 in Feature friday

Never lose an opportunity again: scan business cards you receive and insert the information immediately to your CRM!

Improve your dashboarding with

avatar Benny Waelput on 23-Sep-2016 15:50:00 in

If you’re a fan of dashboarding, then you’ll love is a dashboarding app originating in Belgium. Their goal is to make number crunching easier. And now they’ve constructed an integration with Teamleader!

Customer loyalty: 5 tips to turn your customers into loyal fans

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 22-Sep-2016 18:16:02 in Digitisation & Productivity

Customer loyalty is at least as important as customer acquisition, especially in the customer-centric age. This blog teaches five tips to make loyal fans out of your customers.

Sales Care: "This was exactly what we needed."

avatar Cedric Auman on 15-Sep-2016 10:00:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Teamleader allows online marketing agency Sales Care to manage their projects, without losing overview. Read their story here!

Customer-centric business according to Ruud Verduin

avatar Cedric Auman on 14-Sep-2016 16:00:00 in

Ruud Verduin reveals the secret to customer-centric business: 'the challenge for any business remains the same.' Read on!

Converting clients 101: Negotiation & objection handling

avatar Cedric Auman on 06-Sep-2016 16:25:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Part 2/3 of our Converting clients 101 series: what is negotiation, how can you improve the process and what are some of the key errors? Read on!

Converting clients 101: Lead qualification

Part 1/3 of our Converting clients 101 series: what is lead qualification, why is it important and what are some best practices that you could use to improve the ROI of your sales cycle? 

Blast! Media: "Crystal clear, without too much hassle."

avatar Cedric Auman on 24-Aug-2016 16:00:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Blast! Media was not really looking for a CRM tool, until they came across Teamleader. Today, they're working a lot more efficiently for just a small amount of money.

6 Warning signs you're using the wrong business software

avatar Cedric Auman on 22-Aug-2016 15:03:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

How can you assess whether the tools you're using are either right or wrong for your business? Here are 6 signs to look out for.

6 Questions to ask when choosing a CRM tool

avatar Cedric Auman on 17-Aug-2016 10:34:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Is your business ready to invest in CRM software? Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself in order to find the perfect match.

Set up ticket autoreplies per email address

avatar Benny Waelput on 05-Aug-2016 17:49:00 in Feature friday

On Friday, we present you the newest Teamleader updates. On the menu for this week: setting up ticket autoreplies per e-mail address!

Textwerk: "For small companies working on multiple assignments, Teamleader is the best CRM tool."

avatar Cedric Auman on 24-Jul-2016 11:48:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

With Teamleader, translation agency Textwerk discovered a CRM tool that offers what they stand for themselves: efficiency and affordability. Read on!

Time tracking for consultants: 4 reasons to start today

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 23-Jul-2016 16:34:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Timetracking and invoicing properly can be a lot easier than you think, and happens to be beneficial to everyone involved. This blog will tell you everything you need to know. 

How to choose the right tools to optimize your business

avatar Cedric Auman on 21-Jul-2016 11:52:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

What exactly are the differences between the right and wrong tools? What should you consider before choosing? A couple of pointers. 

Improved holiday management

avatar Benny Waelput on 15-Jul-2016 13:22:00 in Feature friday

Enjoy the summer season!

Why using a CRM tool in startup phase will make your life easier later on

avatar Cedric Auman on 13-Jul-2016 11:54:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Your contacts and the relationships you develop with them can last forever. But that can only happen if you nurture them. By using a CRM tool, for instance.

How to optimize your startup’s sales cycle with Teamleader

avatar Cedric Auman on 02-Jul-2016 11:44:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Becoming more effective at what you do is a beautiful thing to strive for, but how do you actually achieve that goal? Allow us to put you on the right track.

4 years, 7 countries, 80+ people

avatar Benny Waelput on 02-Jul-2016 10:44:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Teamleader is celebrating its 4th birthday today, and we're doing so with cake, the opening of a new office in Spain and hopefully with a victory of the Belgian national team!

Teamleader ticketing: the right answer to every question

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 30-Jun-2016 12:10:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Customer support is one of the key features in a service based company, now more than ever. So how can you keep track of all customer questions? Using a good ticketing service might help!

MYPUP: "Teamleader was the ideal way for us to work in a structured and professional manner."

avatar Cedric Auman on 25-Jun-2016 16:00:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

MYPUP helps thousands of users send and receive postal packages at the office. Teamleader paved the road towards more structure and professionalism. 

How CRM helps your startup stay ahead of the curve

avatar Cedric Auman on 24-Jun-2016 14:48:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

CRM is a modern convenience for businesses of all sizes, including startups and scale-ups. How exactly can it help your startup thrive? Read on!

Postal service expansion, New Knowledge Base and more!

avatar Benny Waelput on 17-Jun-2016 13:23:00 in Feature friday

It has been possible for a while to send your invoices via postal service to your customers in Belgium. We’re glad to announce that as of today, this is also possible for Germany and The Netherlands!

Meeting room management

avatar Benny Waelput on 10-Jun-2016 12:08:00 in Feature friday

Tired of scheduling a meeting just to have your meeting room stolen away right in front of you? We know the feeling.

This was Work Smarter 2016

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 26-May-2016 10:53:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Work Smarter 2016 was a success: enthralling speakers, useful breakout sessions, innovative partners, and most importantly: satisfied visitors. A report!

Well Played: "Teamleader has been there from the start to help us grow soundly."

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 21-May-2016 15:33:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Belgian animation company Well Played is growing at a rapid pace. In Teamleader they found the perfect partner to support that process.

Stop calling leads that aren't really interested

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 12-May-2016 11:18:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Calling low-quality leads costs time and is demotivating. These 3 simple CRM integrations reduce that risk greatly.

Automate and let your software do the dirty work!

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 04-May-2016 15:31:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Many repetitive yet crucial tasks can be easily streamlined or even automated. This blog tells you how and why.

How does CRM help you delegate better?

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 28-Apr-2016 12:27:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

CRM helps you delegate and follow up on work, with better performance, motivation and work/life balance as a result. How? Read the blog!

How teamwork & tech tools improve your revenue (and your life)

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 23-Apr-2016 10:40:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Great teamwork combines talented people with modern technology. How do you support that? Read our ebook!

Having your invoices paid online was never easier

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 21-Apr-2016 16:11:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Receiving payments online is advantageous for you and your customers and it's very much in reach for SMEs. How so? Read on!

Visiting Qubrik: "Our sales team works very independently."

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 16-Apr-2016 11:23:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Teamleader users take the floor: Brussels-based Qubrik is making a name for itself in the world of real estate investments with the highest possible return. "Just 3 years ago we were completely dependent on Excel."

Show your mailbox who's boss

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 15-Apr-2016 11:21:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

We all send out a lot of emails. Too many, in fact. Start limiting your email traffic to what matters most, and take action on the emails that do come through!

Introducing the multi-currency feature

avatar Benny Waelput on 08-Apr-2016 13:25:00 in Feature friday

Sending out invoices to different parts of the world? You’re in luck: we are glad to announce that Teamleader now supports conversion to multiple currencies!

Visiting Bits & Pieces: "We work much more pro-actively."

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 07-Apr-2016 11:17:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Teamleader users take the floor: Bits & Pieces in Herentals helps SMEs and smaller business owners with customized IT solutions. "When we were looking for extra people, a CRM system suddenly became apropos."

SMEs of the future: about New Ways of Working, flextime and home offices

avatar Cedric Auman on 05-Apr-2016 11:29:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Work culture is rapidly evolving. Which role do you play as an employer today, and how can you prepare for the future?

Extra Ticketing preferences

avatar Benny Waelput on 01-Apr-2016 13:22:00 in Feature friday

We’ve added two new ticketing preferences that you can activate via the Settings. Here’s a little more info!

Sales productivity: 4 common pitfalls you really should avoid

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 30-Mar-2016 11:42:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Despite all the sales talent in your ranks, consistently pulling great numbers is not easy. Do you sometimes wonder what's holding back your sales?

Visiting Dropsolid: "A paragon of customer satisfaction."

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 26-Mar-2016 11:02:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Teamleader users take the floor: Ghent-based Dropsolid facilitates digital entrepeneurship. Co-founder Dominique De Cooman: "Though marketing is important, we actually provide our clients with a digital long-term vision for their entire business."

Speed up your sales process in 4 steps

avatar Cedric Auman on 23-Mar-2016 11:38:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Long sales cycles prevent sales teams from closing deals. So how can you speed things up, saving you both time and money in the process?

Improved task screen, Search dropdown menus

avatar Benny Waelput on 18-Mar-2016 13:22:00 in Feature friday

In this week's Feature Friday: Improved task screen, and search dropdown menus!

Visiting Night Shift: "Further development through archiving & documenting."

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 05-Mar-2016 12:46:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Time for a new partner story: Night Shift from Ghent brings together complimentary businesses and atmospheric trade fair concepts. Co-founder Jean-Michel Teerlinck: "Mathieu, Maxime and I each have our own business, but a passion for events brings us together."

Copy-paste meetings, Change invoice preferences in bulk

avatar Benny Waelput on 26-Feb-2016 13:22:00 in Sales & Marketing

Having a meeting occur periodically has been a basic functionality for a while now. Copying a meeting to a random new time slot wasn’t. Until today!

What does CRM offer you in 2016? 4 Undeniable trends!

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 24-Feb-2016 11:21:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

So far in 2016, 4 undeniable trends are distinguishable in the CRM market. Trends that will benefit both you and your customer. Let's take a look at them!

Teamleader wins Startup of the Year at Tech Startup Day 2016

avatar Robin Van Cleemput on 21-Feb-2016 10:54:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Looking back, 2015 was a downright phenomenal year. And from the looks of it, 2016 is shaping up nicely too: yesterday, we were chosen as Tech Startup of the Year. Of course we couldn't be happier!

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