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[Video] From Excel to Teamleader in a few clicks

[Video] From Excel to Teamleader in a few clicks

Do you use Excel as a customer database? Check out this video to discover why and how you should switch from Excel to real CRM software... in just a few clicks. 


Video transcript

Do you use Excel as a customer database? Seems logical.

It's easy to use, you're co-workers are familiar with it and all data is located in one single spreadsheet.

- The thing is: Excel wasn't created to manage customer data. And it shows.

You lose a lot of time entering data manually and you open the door for mistakes and outdated information.

Meanwhile, a customer database is super important for your business. It's the basis for a good sales follow-up, it's where you keep your customers and leads as well als your vendors and suppliers. You need up-to-date customer data to support your marketing and to build great customer relationships.

- Do you still have a good overview of your customer database? Which sales opportunities need follow-up? Which invoices aren't sent out yet? If your answer is "no" to any of these questions, you need something better than Excel


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I'm Nele and I'm a customer support agent at Teamleader. Have you ever thought about using our software?

- I'm Dries and I've helped implement Teamleader for close to a thousand customers. Many of them imported their customer database from Excel to Teamleader in just a couple of hours.

And Teamleader is more than a database for all your customer data. You also get an automated overview of sales opportunities, statistics, lead sources and much more.

So, how do you migrate your Excel sheets to Teamleader?

- Before you start, think about what your database should look like. Need some help? Our onboarding team can help you figure out the best structure for you.

Now, let's show you how to import contacts and companies.

- Just upload an Excel file to Teamleader and match the right value with each field. A couple of extra clicks and boom... you're done!

Easy, right? And it goes beyond just contacts and companies. For instance, you could also import articles. So, do you want to work smarter? Why don't you try it out yourself?

- Stop using Excel for things it isn't meant for and start your free 14-day trial with Teamleader right now.

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