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Unblacklist email addresses, warning for high cost calls

Friyay, feature day! Today, Teamleader presents you: unblacklist email addresses, and warnings for high cost calls!

Unblacklist email addresses

Once in a while it might happen that an email sent from Teamleader isn’t delivered to the right person. This can have a lot of different reasons: maybe the email address contains a spelling mistake, or the recipient’s inbox is completely full, or the email address is just a fake. In that case, the email you sent will bounce, you’ll get a notification that the email was undeliverable and the address will end up on the blacklist.

E-mail did not arrive


On the blacklist you say? That’s correct, an email address that we were unable to reach will automatically become blacklisted. Why, you would ask? Because of the simple reason that multiple delivery attempts to 'bad' addresses will cause the reputation of Teamleader email servers to drop. A low reputation would cause less email to reach the inbox, so we want to keep this as high as possible.

But often enough the delivery failure is a temporary problem. Does this mean that you will never be able to send an email to that address ever again? No it doesn’t. From now on, if an email bounces, you are able to get the email off of the blacklist. Just click on the link in the delivery failure email and you’ll learn more on why the email failed to send.

If you’re certain the email address is correct, you can click the button that says ‘unblock this address’ to remove it from the blacklist.

Warning for expensive TL Voice calls

If you’re using Teamleader Voice and you’re making a lot of calls to foreign countries or special numbers, the cost of the call might be higher than usual. Because there was no way of knowing this before, we’ve added a warning sign to the pop-up of the call to inform you if a call will cost you more than usual.

Cost of calls


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