Meet our redesigned support centre

Eline Grootaert Eline Grootaert on 07-May-2021 08:55:04 in Product Updates

Helping customers find answers to their Teamleader questions quickly and efficiently; that is what our support centre is all about. To optimise this experience for our customers, we decided to shake things up and redesign our support centre. This blog explains what has changed exactly and why.

Teamleader quotations are signed twice as fast. Thanks to the renewed Cloudsign.

Robin Van Cleemput Robin Van Cleemput on 21-Apr-2021 13:07:00 in Product Updates

Quotations created with Teamleader and sent using our updated Cloudsign platform are signed twice as fast as quotations sent via email. Their average sales cycle shrinks by almost 10 days as a result. In addition, we see that 28% more quotations are signed when offered via the renewed Cloudsign.

Coming soon: impress with the new and improved CloudSign

Ward Boone Ward Boone on 18-Mar-2021 09:22:02 in Product Updates

Sending and presenting a quotation to a customer is a crucial step in the sales process. Both your communication and the quotation itself need to be clear and professional since they represent your business and the quality of work you deliver. As with all first impressions, you’ll never get a second chance to make one. That’s why our new and improved CloudSign platform guarantees a first impression that lasts.

Maintain your overview - and your sanity - with Teamleader’s Cross-projects Timeline

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 15-Feb-2021 11:59:36 in Product Updates

Juggling multiple projects at once and often don’t know where your head’s at? Teamleader’s Cross-projects Timeline visualises all your projects, making it easy to spot gaps in your planning, or which project needs your attention.

Predict your future income with Teamleader’s Financial Forecast

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 14-Jan-2021 16:30:00 in Product Updates

Stop wasting time sifting through bank statements and complicated Excel sheets to find out your business’s income in the upcoming months and start forecasting the easy way with Teamleader’s financial forecast. You get a clear and up-to-date overview of how much money you can expect to be paid in the current and upcoming two months, and you get to throw out those Excels!

Coming soon: a cross-projects timeline

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 27-Nov-2020 15:42:43 in Product Updates

Managing many projects at the same time is an undervalued talent of a project manager. In order to encourage them, we at Teamleader are currently developing a timeline that visualises all your projects.

Coming soon: the Work Breakdown as your projects starting point

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 27-Nov-2020 15:42:14 in Product Updates

A few months ago we introduced you to the Work Breakdown. Since then, we have gradually improved this helicopter view of your project. Since this page is the axis around which your entire project revolves, the Work Breakdown has been given an even more prominent place.

Coming soon: the financial forecast

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 27-Nov-2020 15:40:58 in Product Updates

Can you -without using complicated Excels and clumsy exports- quickly predict how much cold hard cash will be coming in the coming months? You will soon, thanks to your financial forecast in Teamleader.

Manage multiple company entities in one account

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 28-Jul-2020 10:11:41 in Product Updates

Is your business really versatile, and do you prefer not to limit yourself to only one company entity? Then we have some good news for you: from now on, you’ll be able to bring several entities together in one Teamleader account.

Need deal information? In comes the brand new detail page!

Ward Boone Ward Boone on 11-May-2020 11:21:28 in Product Updates

Your deals get the attention they deserve. With a restyled deal overview and a brand new detail page per deal, you’ll never lose sight of a single detail.