Hard Work Pays Off: These 5 Colleagues Won a Teamleader Value Award

Edward Huyghe Edward Huyghe on 01-Mar-2021 09:49:00 in Employer branding

Thank goodness, 2020 is behind us. Already two months into 2021, you’ll probably say it’s best not to look back. “A new beginning”, “out with the old, in with the new”, “the only way is forward”. And although we agree it’s better not to dwell on the past, we believe it’s fundamental to praise those colleagues who gave their absolute best (and more) during such challenging times. Also, we just like to celebrate.

On the Importance of First Impressions: The True Story Behind Employee Onboarding at Teamleader

Edward Huyghe Edward Huyghe on 10-Nov-2020 16:29:33 in Employer branding

At Teamleader, we believe that it’s more than just common courtesy to make new colleagues feel welcome. Think of it this way: we all know that the first impression during a job interview has a huge impact on the chances of being hired later on. In the same way, the first few weeks at a new company are largely decisive in the new employee's decision to commit for the longer term.

Why Teamleader employees can't stop smiling (a semi-scientific study)

Edward Huyghe Edward Huyghe on 22-Jul-2020 11:03:04 in Employer branding

Have you ever set foot into a Teamleader office? Have you ever had a (physical or virtual) meeting with one of our lovely employees? If so, I'm sure you were stunned by that distinctive Teamleader smile. A broad, genuine, blissful grin that never fades, not even for a second. It's even claimed that the smiles of our support staff can be heard through the phone. But is there any explanation for the fact that Teamleader employees smile non-stop?