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The immediate advantages of CRM for a small company

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 31-Jan-2015 15:43:00 in Grow your business

The immediate advantages of CRM for a small company

Is CRM only destined for major enterprises who fail to keep track of their contacts? Not at all! Continue reading to find out why.

Just last week I heard a manager say this:

“But CRM is for large companies, who can’t keep up with their contacts anymore. As far as I’m concerned a CRM system is overkill.”

Agree? I certainly don’t.

OK, originally CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems were used mainly by multinationals. But that has changed.

CRM systems: a brief history

CRM was originally used to store large amounts of data. If you have millions of customers, as multinationals do, then you have to have a system in order to maintain an overview.

So CRM systems began to be developed - with an expensive price tag, because they had to work perfectly on a large scale and with a mountain of data. Complex software then, which made the uninitiated employee’s heart sink. 

CRM now: much more democratic

Let’s make an analogy: 

there was a time when only big companies used computers. PCs were too expensive and too complex for small companies. And now? In the 21st century not a single manager can imagine life without a PC.

CRM is following the same evolution. And it is now just as democratic as a PC: more and more systems are easy to use and affordable for any company.

Save a few hours a week

A small company is hard work. You want to be the best, become the biggest in your field – and you can only do that by putting in a lot of time. Every hour you save counts, and CRM can help you.

If you maintain your customer databases manually, how much time do you spend on them? Not only in saving their details but in sharing them with colleagues? Calculating ROI for each customer? Following up unpaid invoices?. 

Not to mention the time you spend on making offers and invoices manually. 

Suleyman Aydogan, CEO of the young company thinkerIT, puts it like this: “It was very work-intensive, following up all the customers and making graphically complicated offers [with MS Office]. It kept me busy for a few hours every week.

Now Aydogan’s customers receive automatic invoices monthly, based on their imported info. That leaves you more time for the real work

The 'customer-centric' age

Focus on customers

So a CRM system is within everyone’s reach and can immediately save you a few hours per week. But there is another important advantage for small companies.

It has to do with the age we live in, in which customer-centricity, or a strong focus on customers, is becoming increasingly important.

Customers have become more demanding and expect more and more from a company - and particularly a personal approach. When we phone a company we are amazed if they don’t immediately know our email address, or can’t immediately see what orders we have placed.

To benefit from a good CRM system, you don’t have to have a large amount of data any more. It’s all about deepening your customer relationships.

The Dutch entrepreneur and co-founder of Blendle, Alexander Klöpping, calls our age “a fascinating age in which small companies can become big fast thanks to the right mix of openness, the internet of things and data.” 

Organizing and centralizing knowledge about your customers is not a luxury, but a condition. 

More customer retention thanks to CRM

Finally, a CRM system has this advantage too: more retention. 

As an entrepreneur you’re continually thinking about new customers. But did you know that it’s up to 50% easier to sell a service or a product to an existing customer? That could be by cross-selling, up-selling, or even selling a whole new product. 

Why spend money on expensive marketing when you could sell more to customers who are already convinced of your qualities ? 

That’s on condition, of course, that you know your existing customers well and therefore approach them with the right offers. A CRM system is perfect for that. 

At One Smart Control, CEO Bert De Haes has grand plans for it: “Soon we are going to make an even stronger link between Teamleader and our website, for [customers’] online info questions and feedback”. 

CRM is for everyone

Customer contactsSo you see, CRM is immediately interesting for small companies too: 

• Manage all your customer contacts neatly

• Automatic actions save time 

• Build an in-depth relationship with your customer
• Get more from your existing customers

What are you waiting for? 

CRM is just one of the components of Teamleader, which is very user-friendly and reasonably priced as well. Try it out for free.