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Textwerk: "For small companies working on multiple assignments, Teamleader is the best CRM tool."

Cedric Auman Cedric Auman on 24-Jul-2016 11:48:00 in Digitisation & Productivity


With Teamleader, translation agency Textwerk discovered a CRM tool that offers what they stand for themselves: efficiency and affordability. Read on!

Who? Jordi Heres, founder of Textwerk, and Bram van de Waal, online marketer
What? Translation agency
Teamleader since? July 2015
Modules? CRM, invoicing and projects
Challenge? Setting up an efficient workflow

"Communication is a crystal-clear concept- in every language", that's what we read on the homepage of Amsterdam-based translation agency Textwerk. But what is the price of clear communication? Textwerk's founder, Jordi Heres, eagerly shares his opinion on the matter: "throughout my internship at a webshop, I had to conduct a study on translators. But I had the idea that it was too expensive and took too long. That very same week, I founded Textwerk and sent my offer to the company behind the webshop. Looking back, they think it was really quite funny."

Tafel-Jordi                      Collegas-Jordi

"From then on, I started working more and more on the translation agency and it has grown considerably. We used to be located in Maastricht, then Zwolle and since one and a half or two years, we've established our office in Amsterdam. Two years ago, I used to do everything myself, but now we're a team of seven, eight people at the office, combined with a number of translators working from home. 

Bram en collega

What makes Textwerk so different from other translation agencies? "The main difference is that most of us are a bit older, and have an existing network through which new assignments come in. We have in-house translators that complete the assignments, and because Textwerk manages almost everything online, we're able to do things quicker and more efficiently, but also to offer our services at a slightly cheaper price. This was somewhat of a wake-up call for the entire market. Today, there are more and more agencies that offer translations at normal rates. That is quite the improvement on itself."

In search of a CRM tool

Efficient and affordable? Sounds like Teamleader. So the choice was not a coincidence. "We've searched far and wide for a CRM tool and compared a lot of them, but we always ended up with Salesforce and similar systems that can do many things, but require you to take a lot of steps in the tool. Most software is also quite expensive, while they don't exactly match what we need."

"Their house style drew our interest, the clarity of the free trial won us over."

"And then came Teamleader's pop-up. It immediately occurred to me that their house style matched our style much better than any other CRM tool. So I clicked: I requested a free trial right away and spent a few moments navigating through the tool. I received a phone call the very same day." Things went pretty quickly from then on: "We planned an online demo and I was guided through the system completely. We wanted to make the switch sooner rather than later, because we were tired of working in the way that we used to. 

Teamleader really jumped out for Jordi: the house style, the fresh look. "We didn't decide to go with Teamleader on the spot, but it did definitely draw our attention. The features described on the website, and the topics discussed in their blogs, that's exactly what we were looking for. Eventually, the clear online demo won us over."

Tijdschriften muur    Bloemen tafel    Scherm sales medewerker

Invoicing module and useful templates

"The invoicing module is really nice. Especially because it is linked to Exact, our bookkeeping software. Payments in Exact are instantly linked back to Teamleader. We think this is great, of course - along with the fact that quotes are added. The project module is mainly used for major projects right now, because it isn't really worth the effort for smaller ones - that sometimes amount to less than 100 euros. The CRM part on the other hand, is really amazing if you ask us."

"Software just doesn't come as easy as Teamleader."

"Sales quote templates is another thing I really like about Teamleader, perhaps because other tools don't really offer anything similar. Just upload a Word file in your own house style, add the Teamleader shortcodes you need and voila, you're done. "Software just doesn't come as easy as Teamleader."

Teamleader's ease-of-use

That ease-of-use is something you'll find in every part of Teamleader. "Our quotation requests are automatically added to Teamleader through the website thanks to the API link. Handy, and easy to set up. The API is quite accessible and easy to use, by the way, so we want to start using it for other things as well. 

Zicht kantoor                      Scherm met Teamleader

"The segments come in handy as well: you can use them the way you want to. The statistics in turn, allow you to filter yet again. And then there's the handy dropwdown lists, and those custom fields... It's all really clear, and so user-friendly - everyone can get started right away. New hires don't require extensive training, which also means they can get started quickly. That's an enormous advantage. If that weren't the case, you'd have bought software that nobody uses. You won't have that with Teamleader."

"New hires can get started with Teamleader right away."

Would Jordi recommend Teamleader to others? "Definitely. Teamleader is the best CRM for companies like Textwerk if you ask me, maybe also for bigger ones. It's especially great for companies that work on lots of assignments and like to keep a clear overview of all that."

Crucial data

Bram joins the table. He took over all marketing responsibilities from Jordi last year. He uses the link between the CRM database and MailChimp, especially the e-mail segments: "What I really like to know, is who our A customers, B customers and C customers are. The nice thing about Teamleader? When you import files, the system recognizes name, company, e-mail addresses and things like that. That is really nice and helps us streamline the process."

Zicht raam buiten                      Zicht kantoor binnen

Zicht binnenruimte                      Scherm met Teamleader

"We also use a website form that allows you to obtain source and medium data in Teamleader through the API link. For non-marketers: how did the lead get on our website and what did he click on? This is absolutely crucial data to me. With the Adwords campaign, I can also see the search term they entered and build segments based on those in Teamleader. Really nice."

"If you don't have the time to figure out a complex CRM system, or lack technological knowledge, Teamleader really is a relief."

The advantages to Bram as a marketer? The ease-of-use and the speed with which you can get started as a small business. If you don't have time to figure out a complex CRM system, or lack technological knowledge, Teamleader really is a relief. Everything is just right there at your fingertips if you add everything to your database consistently. I myself don't have the time to figure out everything for myself either. I need to access information quickly and easily using a tool. I need to be able to create a segment and know who I need to send an email to. For all that, Teamleader is perfect."

Bram en Jordi