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Teamleader turns 3 today!

Today is Teamleader's 3rd birthday. Exactly on July 1st 2012 Teamleader was founded, and more than 1000 days, as many satisfied customers and a whole bunch of new colleagues later, our story is not nearly finished.

A lot has changed in 3 years. The picture above shows the team today, our 7 brand new colleagues included. Welcome Hannah, Vincent, Benjamin, Michelle, Sofie, Patrick and Josephine! Can you spot them?

In January 2014, the team still looked like this:

teamleader 2014 skydiving CRM

And it all started in 2012 with these 3 chaps:

Teamleader CRM 2012

In January this year, our Amsterdam office opened. As you can see, they're having a bit of a celebration themselves:

Teamleader CRM 5 jaar NL

We picked up EUR 3.5 million worth of investments these last few years. At the end of May 2014, the first injection of EUR 1 million was collected. Although opinions varied on how to put the money to use:

Teamleader CRM investering kasteel

Unfortunately, a Teamleader castle hasn't been built yet. But who knows what the future holds?

There'll be lots of work and lots of play at Teamleader HQ today. Be sure to wish us a happy birthday using #TL3Jaar!


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