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Teamleader ticketing: the right answer to every question

Robin Van Cleemput Robin Van Cleemput on 30-Jun-2016 12:10:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Teamleader ticketing: the right answer to every question

Customer support is one of the key features in a service based company, now more than ever. So how can you keep track of all customer questions? Using a good ticketing service might help!

Why “Ticket”?

Ticketing_Inline_1.jpgIn the magical world of software, each (customer) request is generally called a ticket. Whenever a new question is filed, it gets a unique number. You can compare it with, let’s say, the piece of paper you get when leaving your coat at the coat room. The client’s jacket is the issue, and you and your client can keep track of it using the unique number it was given.

Essentially, the goal is to streamline all communication within a ticket in order to work towards the resolution of the customer issue.

How does it work?

It’s easy, and once everything is in place, you’ll never want to switch back again. Basically the only thing you need to do is forward your support email address (e.g. to a ticketing software.

When a customer sends an email with a question to this address, the email will be converted to a ticket in your ticketing interface. From there on you can keep track of the issue, consult with your co-workers and provide your customer with an adequate response.

If that’s not enough, most ticketing systems provide insightful analytics to measure and improve your team’s performance.

Why Teamleader ticketing?

Ticketing_Inline_21.jpgBecause with Teamleader, the ticketing is fully integrated with the CRM module, meaning you immediately know which customer is asking you a question. Which in turn means you have all the information you need right at your feet.

Someone unknown to your CRM database is sending you a support ticket? Easy, based on the email address, a new contact and company will be automatically created.

Not only is the Teamleader ticketing linked to the CRM, but to the invoicing as well! Want to invoice the time spent on helping out a customer? Create a task out of your ticket and Teamleader will keep track of the time you take to resolve his issue. The unbilled hours are gathered on your customer’s profile where you can invoice them straight away or after a certain period of time.

Not yet fully convinced?

Teamleader combines CRM with project management, quotations, invoicing and more in one convenient online tool. Try it now for 14 days!


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