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Teamleader's customer support: how to find the answer you need

Cedric Auman Cedric Auman on 14-Jan-2019 14:45:22 in Teamleader

Teamleader's customer support: how to find the answer you need

Teamleader is there to make your life - or well, your work - easier. That philosophy is also the premise of our customer support system. We want to help solve your questions or issues as quickly as possible, with a dedicated support team that speaks your language.

No time to read? The infographic below summarises all the information you need. 

Of course, providing great help in a scalable way is a careful balancing act. If our team would simply solve every customer question by phone, it would need to triple - or quadruple - in size. It would also be answering a ton of repeat questions.

As we’re convinced local, top-notch support is the only customer-centric thing to do, we’ve set up a more scalable way to manage customer requests.

“67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a representative.” - Nuance Enterprise

That is why we introduced a ‘waterfall’ approach based on two pillars:

  • A support page that provides the solution to 80% of your questions
  • A dedicated, local support team, eager to help you solve the remaining 20%

How it works? Our first objective is to help you help yourself. As head of Customer Support Alexia Coppens puts it: “Our support page provides the answer to the most frequent issues or questions. Our team can then focus on the 20% of questions and issues that do require intervention or action from our side. That way, we’re able to guarantee a timely, qualitative service - when it matters, where it matters.”

“Free, local and top-notch support is what sets us apart. We’re adamant to keep it that way.” - Alexia Coppens, Head of Customer Support

Quick guide to the Teamleader support page

HQ_Blog_TeamleaderSupportSystem_EN_3Our support page answers any questions related to:

  • The Teamleader software
  • The GDPR (data protection and privacy)
  • Your Teamleader licence
  • Our partner program

Tip: if you visit the Knowledge Base, you’ll come across the term ‘support tickets’. Each customer question we receive is called a ticket. Whenever a new question is filed, it gets a unique number. You can compare it with, say, the piece of paper you get when leaving your coat at the coat room. The client’s jacket is the issue, and we can then keep track of it using the unique number it was given.

Customer questions can be sent to us through email or by clicking ‘Contact us’ on the support page.

How to find the answer to your question

There are two ways to open Teamleader’s support page to find the answer to your question or issue:

  1. Visit the support page directly (
  2. Open the support page in Teamleader (by using the ‘?’ symbol in the top-right hand corner)

In both places, you will find the same support articles and resources. So it’s really just a matter of what you prefer!



Structure of the support page

Don’t know what you’re looking for exactly? You could simply browse through the support page and look for relevant information. If you’re not sure where to start, have a look at this infographic:



Tip: Webinars are short, interactive sessions in which we help you discover specific parts of Teamleader. At the end of each webinar, you can ask any question you may still have. You can watch pre-recorded webinars here.

Top 10 most-read articles on the Teamleader support page

To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s a list of the most-read support articles in 2018:

  1. How to: email templates for meetings, quotations and invoices
  2. How to: setting your own domain name for e-mails
  3. How to: tracking e-mails to Teamleader
  4. FAQ: why is my e-mail address blocked?
  5. How to: sending e-mail campaigns with MailChimp
  6. How to: customising your templates in Teamleader
  7. How to: importing contacts and companies in Teamleader
  8. How to: connecting Exact Online to Teamleader
  9. How to: creating segments in Teamleader
  10. How to: integrating Microsoft Exchange or Office 365

Alexia Coppens, Head of Customer Support: “We use these insights and metrics to cater to your needs. If we notice a specific search term is often entered (e.g. how to connect your bookkeeping tool) without satisfactory results, we will create a dedicated article or update an existing one to help answer that question as soon as possible.”

“Just recently, for example, we wrote an article on how to create Gantt charts in Teamleader because we noticed lots of people were searching for that. The same goes for the article How to: advanced reporting with Teamleader and”.

Also, these searches give us relevant information to improve our service altogether. Product Marketer Diederik Syoen: “if many users browse the Support Page for a certain topic, this tells us the process may not be as intuitive as we had intended it to be. A first step is to document the process more clearly on the Support Page, but it also reveals how we could improve and simplify that particular process within the application."

"We noticed our team started to receive many questions about the error message for templates - so we updated that to make it more clear and user-friendly.”

No luck on the support page? Send us a ticket!

If you couldn’t find the answer to your question in a support article, it may be time to send us a support ticket. As mentioned earlier, you can do this by emailing Or you could open a new ticket in just a few clicks on the support page.

Our team will respond and help you resolve your question or issue as soon as possible. If you create a ticket, please make sure to describe the issue in detail, providing the following information:

  • HQ_Blog_TeamleaderSupportSystem_EN_4What section you’re in (Calendar, Companies, Contacts, Deals, Projects, Tickets, …)
  • The error message (if applicable)
  • Which actions you were taking
  • The browser you use (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, …)
  • If the issue affects other users too
  • A screenshot to demonstrate the issue

The more information we have, the faster we are able to help you. If both the support page and the ticket you opened didn’t lead to a solution, we may invite you for a quick call. Our team won’t rest until your issue is resolved!

Any feedback, suggestions or questions to share with us? Don’t hesitate to reach out - we’re always here to help.