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Teamleader opens a new office in... Italy!

Teamleader opens a new office in... Italy!

The 14th of June, Teamleader opened its brand new office in Milan, fashionable heart of Italy. Along with the Italian team, we seized this opportunity to discuss what’s to come!

Ah - Italy. Land of beer, french fries and perpetual neutrality... No, wait. That’s where everything started for Teamleader, barely 5 years ago. Italy is indeed the nation of art, culture and beauty, and more importantly, the next location for a brand new, local Teamleader office.

Next stop: Milan

After Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain, Teamleader officially opened the Milanese office on June 14th. In Europe’s most fashionable city, we gave the floor to our new Italian colleagues, and look ahead at what should prove to be an exciting adventure!

Why choose Italy, you ask? CEO Jeroen De Wit: “Italy is home to a great number of SMEs, among which many traditional family businesses. Businesses that reach out to us to help them take their first digital steps.”

“Teamleader can help with that: not just through our software for CRM, invoicing and project management, but also with our brand new Teamleader Marketplace. Thanks to this hub of integrations, SMEs can now link Teamleader to other software they already use, or discover new tools that can help them work smarter or more efficiently as an SME.”

«Il buongiorno si vede dal mattino»

Or: well begun is half done. This Italian proverb symbolises the enthusiasm and natural passion our Italian companions put into the start of their assignment. Country Manager Sara Morandini starts this new adventure:

"In Italy we aim to facilitate SMEs to bridge the digital divide, towards an effective and aware adoption of contemporary, digital business practices, and we are especially certain we can do that because of our company background and Teamleader's own success story."

After a couple months’ worth of preparing at Teamleader’s HQ in Ghent, Local Marketer Francesco Grande is also looking forward to seeing his eternal love Italy again:

"We are very excited to open operations in Italy. There is much to do and an entire market to win, yet I am sure that the SMEs ecosystem is now ready to understand the opportunity coming with a smart approach to digitisation, and that, for us, is a competitive advantage."

celebrate teamleader office in milan

Grand opening

Of course, opening a new office can’t just go unnoticed at Teamleader’s HQ. To help our Italian friends get off on the right foot, we went to visit them over the weekend - to bond, share experiences and above all: to celebrate.

Would you like to be part of this amazing story? Have a look at our jobs page!

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What's next?

Milan is already the fifth European city to harbour a local Teamleader office. But ambitious as we are, that’s not where our story ends.

Today marks the start of our Italian adventure, but tomorrow? Oggi l'Italia, domani il mondo!