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Teamleader in Berlin - watch out, Merkel!

Cedric Auman Cedric Auman on 09-Sep-2015 11:13:00 in Grow your business

Teamleader in Berlin - watch out, Merkel!

Brace yourself, Berlin: following in the footsteps of Ghent and Amsterdam, it is now your turn to meet with the unstoppable force called Teamleader. Angela Merkel, beware!

Ghent - August 31, 06.30h. After preparing for a couple of months, our #TLBerlin crew is ready for departure at Brussels Airport. The next three days will be dedicated to the start of our German Teamleader adventure.  Brace yourself, Berlin: following in the footsteps of Ghent and Amsterdam, it is now your turn to meet with the unstoppable force called Teamleader. Angela Merkel, beware!


It is no secret that Teamleader is steamrolling. With Berlin, Teamleader has gained a foothold in a third city in as many countries. A story that has clearly been picked up by Belgian national press, as we were accompanied to Berlin by Terzake's reporting team.


Choosing Germany hasn't been a wild gamble, either. ‘Our office in Berlin is the first one in a non-Dutch speaking country’, says Jeroen De Wit. ‘This means that we leave our comfort zone and home advantage behind.  We want to prove that we can copy our model from Holland and Belgium and properly adapt it to the German market. We gained a lot of German interest by winning an important award at the Next Web conference last spring.  Articles were published by the German press and our website was absolutely flooded with traffic.  Ever since, our expansion to Germany seemed almost inevitable.  As Berlin is sometimes referred to as the European Silicon Valley, there is no better place for us to be.  The atmosphere here is wonderful, with lots of start-ups, investors and events.’

Berlin, 11.05h. The scheduled flight Brussels-Berlin makes a routine landing at the airport of Tegel, completely unaware of the groundbreaking package it was carrying. And of course, we were - inevitably - met by an extensive welcoming committee.


A couple of hours and a visit to Media Markt and Ikea later, we finally obtained the key to our new office.  The Factory is an office complex in the heart of Berlin, where dozens of successful start-ups are located.  Among our neighbours you may find Uber, Twitter, Zendesk and Soundcloud.  A wonderful omen of what is yet to come for #TLBerlin?

Inside Sales Josephine Blümel is already convinced: ‘From this location, we are in direct contact with German SMEs,’ explains Josephine, ‘which allows us to better estimate the local needs and adapt to them more quickly.  Efficiency is an important concept in Germany, which is why Teamleader commits to it fully. This has to be the perfect marriage.’


When we say the heart of Berlin, we mean the heart of Berlin.  After a thorough inspection of our sunlit terrace, we learn that our garden wall is a remnant of a not-so-distant past.


Having arrived at the office, one of our first tasks was to fill the empty space.  This sort of looked like this (warning: footage may seem sped up):

What better way to end a hard day of work than a German pilsner and an idyllic location in the background?


Berlin - September 1, 09.00h. After the efforts of the previous day, we can continue with our day-to-day office activities. An internet connection and a place to sit is all we need to launch Teamleader DE. 

As a result, our German marketeer Patrick eagerly uses our sunlit terrace to catch up on some work, combined with an in-depth interview for Terzake.


In order to make our mark on the complex of The Factory, we went on an exploration tour of the surrounding corporations. We invited them - completely in the style of Teamleader - for an evening with pizza and Belgian heritage.


Berlin - September 2, 14hJust as the Belgian delegation is getting ready to leave, we received a pleasant surprise. The doorbell rings, and in comes an envoy of Fortino, no less, the venture capital corporation of Duco Sickinghe that has provided us with tremendous support over the past years, bringing us a bunch of flowers to decorate our office and wishing us good luck!


In other words, the tone has been set in our new Berlin office. At the airport, we were informed that the German office had just obtained its very first customer. A wonderful precursor for the future!

The final report was broadcast on Monday September 7th, on Terzake.  In case you missed out, you can view the report here.