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Teamleader goes to Spain!

Cedric Auman Cedric Auman on 06-Oct-2016 12:16:46 in Digitisation & Productivity

Teamleader goes to Spain!

After Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, Teamleader is ready for a new adventure. Today marks the opening of our offices in Spain!

 We don't have to tell you that things have been going fast. One year and a half ago, Teamleader consisted of 15 employees, today, we're crossing the threshold of... yep, 100 Teamleaders!

Two funding rounds, new offices in the Netherlands and Germany, the election as Tech startup of the Year, our very first Work Smarter event: the story is still short, but already contains some fantastic chapters. Not to mention the countless other memorable events.

A new step: ¡España, allá vamos!Slack_for_iOS_Upload_1.jpg

Resting on our laurels is not part of our DNA. After the launch in 2012, we opened a second and third office in the Netherlands and Germany. Today, the opening of our Spanish office marks the start of yet another new adventure.

After cities as Ghent, Amsterdam and Berlin, it's now time for (drumroll, please!)... Madrid! Instituto Cervantes, anyone? Let's be honest: the Sagrada Família still needed some work anyway.

Why Spain?

A question that's really easy to counter: why not Spain? But CEO Jeroen De Wit has some other arguments to share.

"Spain has a lot of potential, because the market consists mainly of SMEs. That is why we're aiming to launch quickly with our 8 new Spanish colleagues." - CEO Jeroen De Wit

"We didn't choose Spain based on guesswork, either. After we had thoroughly tested the market, we've been active in Spain since spring and witnessed an exponential growth almost immediately. Those first results made us decide to open an office, in order to cater to that market in a better and more direct way."

High ambitions

With Teamleader, we aim to become market leader in Europe, we won't shy away from that ambition. "The European market holds a lot of potential for us. It's more of an SME economy than the American market, which suits the focus of our platform. Of course, there are local differences between countries, and that's why a local presence is essential to be really successful," Jeroen adds.

We learned a lot from starting our offices in the other countries as well. "With those lessons in mind, and the success of the preceding market study, Spain was but the next logical step to take."

Ready, set, go!

IMG_7721Edit.jpgAccording to Country Manager Pedro Mardomingo, the Spanish team is completely ready. "We've only just met each other, but we've already built a great team spirit in that short period of time.  

"After all, tackling a whole new market is no mean feat and takes a unified team to do.  But our team knows no other way than working together. It's the only way to success." 

Everyone gets along wonderfully and is anxious to get started. "The Ghent team gave us a very warm welcome. But now we're ready: be careful, we might exceed the targets of other countries!", Pedro jokingly adds.

So what's next?

We can tell you that the start of our new Spanish office went incredibly smooth, and already proves to be successful. But our story sure doesn't end with Spain either. "For instance, we're already actively researching some other European countries", Jeroen states.

Better keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next milestone, then. To be continued!