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This was Work Smarter 2016

Robin Van Cleemput Robin Van Cleemput on 26-May-2016 10:53:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

This was Work Smarter 2016

Work Smarter 2016 was a success: enthralling speakers, useful breakout sessions, innovative partners, and most importantly: satisfied visitors. A report!

This past Thursday, Teamleader organised “Work Smarter”, the second Teamleader event since 2014. Its purpose? To bring thought leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals with diverse backgrounds together around the topic of digital transformation, New Ways of Working and smarter business.

When organising a free event, you have to take a certain percentage of no-shows into account. But that was hardly an issue: with about 350 attendees out of 500 registered, plus 70 Teamleaders to boot, the ArtCube was pleasantly buzzing.

Een gezellige drukte op Work Smarter bij het begin van de dag

CEO Jeroen started the whole thing off. He illustrated the long path Teamleader has taken in a very short time, with all the chances and challenges that came with it, and what we want to do for our national and international customers in the future.

CEO Jeroen De Wit opent Work Smarter

Host for the day Jan Matthys made sure it wasn't all business all the time. His razor-sharp analyses glued everything together, getting some pretty big laughs along the way.

Next up was Frank Van Massenhove, president of the Belgian Federal Department of Social Security. He explained how employees' private and professional life can (and need to!) go hand in hand in any succesful modern enterprise.

Frank Van Massenhove praat op Work Smarter over Het Nieuwe Werken

Author and talent whisperer Luk Dewulf then raised some good questions: how do you discover what you're truly good at? How do you define 'talent'? And how do you feed it within your organisation?

Luk Dewulf legt op Work Smarter uit wat de definitie is van talent

The last speaker was digital pioneer Jo Caudron. He made it abundantly clear that digital disruption happens in every vertical. The question is: what's going to happen in yours, and when?

Jo Caudron toont op Work Smarter aan dat digitale disruptie overal is

But the event didn't end there. From 16h onwards there were Teamleader workshops, alongside breakout sessions by our partners Exact, Yuki and Microsoft

Comfortabel zitten en luisteren op Work Smarter tijdens de break-outsessies

Octopus, Mollie, TrendsTop, Google and Dropbox were also present. They offered visitors information on how to use modern technology to do business smarter.

De beurs op Work Smarter met onze partners Exact, Yuki, Microsoft, Octopus, Mollie, TrendsTop en Google

While that was going on, every visitor had the chance to talk to our own Teamleader heroes of sales, development and customer success, but also human resources. After all, Teamleader is always looking for new talent.

Perhaps the most asked question during “Work Smarter”: “Which event agency arranged all of this?” None whatsoever: a handful of Teamleaders worked very hard the last couple of weeks to make this happen. Great job guys!


At 18h, we closed the event off in style with the after (net)work party. Business cards were exchanged, asses were shaked and socialising was aplenty. We vaguely remember having a great time. Thanks for the party, Bass-Tech Soundsystem!

Bass-Tech Soundsystem verzorgt de beats op Work Smarter

The next day brought a light hangover and a lot of cleaning up, but mostly an enormous feeling of satisfaction. That was reflected in the positive reactions: 97% of attendees thought the event was just as good or better than expected, 92% called the organisation good to excellent, and 85% says they'll surely be present next time.

So... See you next year?

P.S. If you weren't there or want to reminisce, watch our aftermovie!