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[Video] How Teamleader developed a customer-centric culture

Fay Haelterman Fay Haelterman on 25-Jan-2018 14:14:46 in Sales & Marketing

[Video] How Teamleader developed a customer-centric culture

Want to make your customers truly happy? This is how Teamleader created a customer-focused culture: watch the video to get some practical tips on becoming a customer-centric company. 

Video transcript

Jeroen: Hi, my name is Jeroen De Wit and I'm the founder and CEO of Teamleader.
Benny: Hi, I'm Benny and I'm a product marketeer.
Alexia: Hi, I'm Alexia, head of Customer Success.
Jean-Marc: And I am Jean-Marc, team lead Inside Sales.

JeroenI think customer centricity has been very important throughout the history of Teamleader. It's the reason why we started developing Teamleader in the first place. We saw a lot of SMEs struggling with digitisation and we wanted to help.
But how do you know how to help?
Jeroen: Understanding your customers is key. That's why I believe that everyone in the company should talk to them frequently. And I try to set the example.

Benny: We want to know them like we know ourselves. We need to know how they interact with the product, so we can help them get the most out of it.
Jeroen: For instance, a few weeks ago, I spend the whole day with our sales team, qualifying leads and closing deals. It was a perfect chance to speak with our customers.

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Jean-MarcWe don't just talk during sales calls. We mostly listen and analyse the problem. When we show our product, we want to show what's relevant for the customer. It's not about our most dazzling features. It's about the functionalities that are most helpful and useful.

Alexia: We'd love to help every customer individually, but that's not possible. That's why our Knowledge Base is super important. It's an easy-to-use database, where customers can find answers to frequently asked questions. They don't waste time, which means: we don't waste time. We can then invest that time in high-quality support, or more complex issues that a Knowledge Base article can't solve.
That's the key to smart growth. Make customers self-serving, but offer impeccable service when they need it. If possible, before they even know they need it.

Jean-MarcI think it's great to have a company-wide focus on customers. We work in different countries, but we manage to be on the same page most of the time. Our investments in talent and training, must have something to do with that. We also work cross-departmental and cross-country on the Knowledge Base.

JeroenMy advice for SMEs? Start building a customer-centric culture. Engage your customers. Take for example our Work Smarter events. We help our customers work more efficiently by planning interesting keynotes, but we also connect with them personally.

AlexiaYou should really personalise communication. If you know your customers, it's easy. As a first step, we make sure that all customer information is passed on perfectly from sales and marketing to customer success. And of course... we use Teamleader for this. When users experience specific onboarding problems, we'll send a personalised video with the tool Soapbox, instead of writing never-ending e-mails.

BennyKeep in mind that every audience... wants a product or service that caters to their needs. So it's really important to know what those needs are. 

Discover how Teamleader can help you become a customer-centric business.