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Teamleader CRM: all customer data at your fingertips

Teamleader CRM: all customer data at your fingertips

Do you want to grow your business, have happy customers and save time and money? Teamleader is the perfect solution to manage your customer relationships.

Manage all your contacts in one place

Quickly and efficiently manage every contact and link contacts to companies from a central hub. You only need an internet connection to access all information in real-time. If you enter a company’s VAT number, Teamleader automatically fetches the available contact information about that company. Already have a customer database? Simply import your existing data as an Excel or .CSV file.

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Follow customers throughout the sales cycle

From your first qualification meeting to the moment you send an invoice: follow and engage each lead through the sales process. With a detailed, chronological action overview on the progress of each sale, you’re on the right track to smoothly seal the deal.

  • Capture lead information with contact forms on your website. Using our integrations with Web2Leads services, you can automatically add prospect data to your database.
  • Maintain an overview of all email communication with contacts or companies and track emails to Teamleader.
  • See all calls, meetings, tasks and deals linked to contacts or companies.
  • Use deal phases to follow up during each stage of the sales process and customise deal activities and segments.
  • Send out relevant newsletters or tailored offers using our integrations with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

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Personalise your communication

Segment your contacts with tags and (custom) fields to create targeted email campaigns and communicate in a personalised way.

  • Tags: labels to add certain characteristics to contacts or companies, like “lead” or “supplier”. When you create a segment, you can filter on your own tags.
  • Custom fields: fields with extra information, available for contacts, companies, deals, projects, tasks and even invoices. Teamleader offers a few fields by default but you can also create your own. Why not create a field for “Deal value” to segment your most promising leads in terms of profit?
  • Segments: group contacts based on readily available common characteristics (like language or vertical) or on the information you provide via custom fields and tags (which can be a combination of data with nearly limitless options). For instance, you could group contacts you’ve been in touch with three months ago to plan a nurture action.

Improve your efficiency

Teamleader’s CRM feature offers time tracking to help you gain more insight in the work that has been done and how long it took to finish each call, task or meeting. If you use invoicing, you can even track time and invoice it to your client automatically.

Time tracking is not the only thing that will help you work more efficiently. Centralising all communication and having a structured system in place to store customer data will, of course, also have a massive impact on your overall workflow.

Integrate with your favourite software

Check out our more than 100 integrations on our Marketplace: one central location for all your Teamleader integrations. Connect and activate your entire workspace: ranging from bookkeeping tools to online payment service providers, you can integrate all your favourite apps with Teamleader.

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