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Teamleader collects EUR 2.5 million investment from Fortino

Robin Van Cleemput Robin Van Cleemput on 21-May-2015 10:48:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Teamleader collects EUR 2.5 million investment from Fortino

Investment fund Fortino has once again honoured Teamleader with its trust, in the form of a EUR 2.5 million investment!

Investment fund Fortino has once again honoured Teamleader with its trust, in the form of a EUR 2.5 million investment. The money will be used to further develop the software, but also to professionalise the company's organisation and support its European expansion. Thanks to this investment, we can focus locally on product optimisation and customer success, with enough financial space at the same time to get ourselves noticed in the international market.

Belgian growth, European ambitions

Three years after the founding of Teamleader, we have now landed our biggest financial injection yet. In that short time Teamleader has grown into a scalable company with 24 employees and an office in Amsterdam, which opened its doors in January. Offices in Berlin and Paris are on the calendar for this year. The rest of Europe will soon follow.

Locally & internationally

We're reaping success in Belgium by offering our clients an excellent platform with exceptional support. That approach is now being scaled, among others by embedding the support into local offices. Because Teamleader is not only easy to use, we also help SMEs intensively in getting started with the software. Software with a Service, so to speak. This makes sure every client gets the most out of the package.

Product priority

Of course, software remains the backbone of Teamleader. An area we will never settle for less in: the product is always our priority. The mobile app is being deeply enhanced at the moment, we've recently added plugins for Google Chrome and Office 365, and our broad range of third-party integrations is continually expanding.

In doing so, we always keep in mind how an enterprise can streamline its way of doing business. Offering SMEs what used to be possible for big corporations only, in the most user-friendly way possible, that's our main goal.

Investing in people

Teamleader's growth brings a wave of new recruitments with it, both nationally and internationally. 20 job vacancies need to be filled, ranging from developers, salespeople and customer success professionals to an HR manager, CFO and CMO. We'll be aiming for the round number of 50 employees by the end of the year.

"We were charmed and impressed by the quality of the product, the entrepreneurial spirit and passion of the entire team and its strong focus on SME clients" says Fortino founder Duco Sickinghe. "The growth spurt in Belgium and the promising start in the Netherlands have us convinced that Teamleader possesses all the right tools to further improve its growth curve in neighbouring countries."

Undeniable momentum

Last April, we were fortunate enough to receive an award at The Next Web Europe conference in Amsterdam. That prize was paired with a EUR 100,000 investment, rewarding the best pitch out of 75 participating startups. Teamleader also made the selection of the Benelux Tech Tour. That three-day event starts today and wants to promote budding Benelux startups and growth companies.

Right now, things are moving fast for Teamleader. We certainly won't shy away from using this momentum to our full advantage. The first half of 2015 was amazing for us, and our entire team is locked and loaded to go further down that road the next 6 months. So expect great things from Teamleader - we'll be doing the same.