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SMEs of the future: about New Ways of Working, flextime and home offices

Cedric Auman Cedric Auman on 05-Apr-2016 11:29:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

SMEs of the future: about New Ways of Working, flextime and home offices

Work culture is rapidly evolving. Which role do you play as an employer today, and how can you prepare for the future?

Evolving work culture is a pretty hot topic. Innumerable magazines, blogs and other sources are talking about this recent phenomenon where we evolve in large numbers towards labour that is independent of both time and place. Thus, possibilities are increasing nowadays for employees to work from home, or at least pick their own working hours.

Some sources look ahead even further, and predict that the physical offices we know today will be a thing of the past by 2030. More and more companies will start to make use of home offices, letting employees work from home while remaining in direct connection with the company by means of a digital network. It's up to young, energetic ventures to stay ahead of the curve in this domain as well: you're either innovative or you're not. After all, the trend shows very few signs of slowing down.

The numbers

Work lifeIt speaks for itself that this (r)evolution brings with it a bunch of changes for employers and employees alike. Changes that require a flexible attitude, reciprocal trust and lots of adaptability from both parties. Moreover, questions remain: how can these new ways of working be combined with office software such as CRM? And which role do you play as an employer? We'll start by giving you some general information.

Kluwer research states that 8 out of 10 employees expect a better work-life balance, but also that a lot of mistrust still exists on the employers' side. A majority (70%) fears that employees will be less informed about the ins and outs within the company, or, in the worst case, that the lack of social control would damage employees' productivity. Research by Robert Half among Belgian HR managers refutes this however; it appears that employees are generally more productive if they can work from home or have the freedom of flexible work hours.

Which role do you play as an employer?

SMEs of the future work life balanceAt its core, rethinking our existing work culture goes much further than just those two aspects. It demands a new type of work relation, where a serious adaptation is expected of both sides. For you as an employer it's important that communication does not suffer; hence the fact that working from home is generally limited to about 2 days per week.  Personal contact with colleagues remains terribly important for any healthy, well-functioning organisation, irrespective of the sector in which your company is active.

Employer Branding remains key in the War for Talent

We probably don't have to tell you how essential it is that your enterprise is open to the needs of its employees. Attracting nascent talent in current socio-professional contexts becomes a lot easier if you take your company's image into account. Attractive, flexible work surroundings can provide the right push in the back for those young potentials your company would like to hire. What is more, positive Employer Branding makes for higher degrees of employee retention. By boosting your company's image among employees, motivation grows and employee engagement will rise to unseen heights.

How do you combine these new ways of working with CRM?

Teamleader wouldn't be Teamleader if it didn't handily anticipate the way the working world is evolving. With a CRM package that is accessible from anywhere through virtue of the cloud, your enterprise has the opportunity to embrace the future fully. Furthermore, when combined with all the technological advancements you have at your disposal (video conferences, document sharing, real-time team collaboration...), that future need not look any less than bright. After all, the future belongs to those who see the possibilities...

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