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5 companies that sell more with Teamleader

5 companies that sell more with Teamleader

Looking for a sales management tool? Teamleader can help you get more out of your sales and marketing - our customers are living proof. Hear what our customers have to say about sales with Teamleader.

sales Teamleader - Blast Media

Blast! Media never loses important sales information again

“In the past, we couldn't forecast our leads and sales opportunities. How much is left in our pipeline? How much turnover will we realise in the future? We're now able to predict this much easier."

With deal stats, you can discover important trends in your sales process. Gain deeper insights in the probability rate of deals, the amount of quotations sent and won and how they’re connected to your sales funnel or stage distribution.

Learn more about sales statistics with Teamleader

sales Teamleader - Skillseeker

Skillseeker tracks their sales pipeline every minute of every day

“We have an instant overview of the status of our deals: how many proposals, what meetings were cancelled, who is (under)performing and what invoices still have to be paid.”

Skillseeker never loses a deal due to bad follow-up. With Teamleader, they use customised deal phases to get an overview of the status of each deal. They also link tasks and meetings to it, like a reminder, making sure nothing is ever forgotten.

Discover how you can use Teamleader’s deal phases to your benefit

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Teamleader sales - Benton Apps

Benton Apps draws up offers in a matter of minutes

"Flawless invoicing is crucial since it keeps our cash flow at the right level. No need to go through bank accounts, Teamleader reveals every outstanding payment.”

Want to waste less time on creating quotations or invoices? Use Teamleader’s deal templates.

“You know which feature I find particularly powerful? Making templates from existing offers. That's how SMEs work: they make an offer, but then they go and look for a comparable offer for a new one.”

Teamleader sales - VDS

VDS gets paid quicker and easier

“Previously we did everything in Excel, but we had no overview of our invoicing process. No unpaid invoice total, no quick link to the quotations created. With Teamleader, we'll soon be working with post-calculations and profit calculations.”

A fruitful deal leads to a quotation. With Teamleader, you can easily transform them into an invoice… which, of course, needs to be paid. Why don’t you automate your invoicing process? A sale isn’t a success until a transaction has been made.

Manage your invoices successfully and seal the deal

sales Teamleader - In The Pocket

In The Pocket has a well-oiled sales machine

“Everything is in Teamleader: the way we approach the client, ongoing deals, calls made… Sales reps never slack off on administration, see the evolution of clients and analyse accordingly. It's just so much more targeted."

Structure and follow up on your deals as well: here’s how you do it with Teamleader

For a lot of businesses, sales follow-up can be a real struggle. Luckily, with Teamleader CRM, you can save lead information to your CRM automatically, follow up quicker, transform sales opportunities in quotations or invoices and sell more efficiently. Get ready for the future: assess your sales efforts with useful statistics and optimise accordingly.

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