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Sales Care: "This was exactly what we needed."

Cedric Auman Cedric Auman on 15-Sep-2016 10:00:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Sales Care:

Teamleader allows online marketing agency Sales Care to manage their projects, without losing overview. Read their story here!

Who? Arlette Haak, project manager
What? Online marketing agency
Teamleader since? November 2015
Modules? CRM, projects, invoicing and ticketing
Challenge? Clear and transparent project management

A customer satisfaction survey in 2015 awarded Utrecht-based Sales Care with a score of 8.6. A very good score, especially when you consider that the marketing agency helped over 100 customers realize their online ambitions last year. This requires you to prove you rexpertise in many different areas. "We offer a wide range of services: web design and development, all kinds of optimization, video and social marketing, analytics and advertising, you name it."

Sales Care office       Sales Care computer

"As a project manager, I plan our approach, our deadlines and then maintain an overview of all projects," Arlette Haak states. "Especially for design and development projects, I'm the go-to person within Sales Care. Some campaigns are only live for a short period of time, others need to be constantly adapted and improved upon. This means: different phases, lots of revision rounds, constant switching. And of course: close contact with the customer in each phase. It's very challenging to manage all those things efficiently."

Sales Care deskLots of software, hardly any overview

Previous attempts to manage everything in an easy way were to no avail. "Time tracking software here, lead management software and customer data software somewhere else. Combined with Google Calendar, and a CRM tool... We were practically drowning in tools."

"I wanted a calendar that shows me when tasks have been completed."

The decision to run with Teamleader was taken together with the team. To Arlette, one thing mattered most: managing the planning. "Tasks are sometimes shifted around, that's absolutely normal. But if a consultant did so in Google Calendar, I didn't even notice and didn't know if the task had been completed or not. I had to talk to them to double check everything. That's why I wanted a calendar that shows me when tasks have been completed. We're growing pretty fast now, and we're dealing with lots of projects. If someone goes on holiday, someone else has to be able to take over his workload. We were able to do so with our previous CRM, but then again, everything else was managed somewhere else."

"We Googled around and eventually stumbled upon your free trial. One weekend of testing and I was convinced: this was exactly what we needed. Everyone here is a lot more enthusiastic about using Teamleader than any other software."

Sales Care table

Everyone's favourite module

To Sales Care's account managers, the CRM and deals are really important. Arlette, as a project manager, mainly uses the project module. The smooth transition didn't go unnoticed: "Whenever a deal is created or closed, I receive a notification. I turn it into a project, we arrange a briefing with the account managers, and then I plan everything in the consultants' calendars. This means that we never have any misunderstandings

"Consultants mainly use time tracking and email tracking, while developers focus on ticketing. It really is a great system."

So basically, Teamleader also appeals to consultants. "Time tracking and email tracking, that's what they build on. Because after all, everyone has to be up to speed. And the ticketing system is mainly used by our developers. Customers that have us build a website, the server goes offline, or something isn't aligned properly: they send us a ticket. It really is a great system."

"The time tracking feature works differently than what we were used to," Arlette adds, "because instead of turning it on in the morning, you track time in Teamleader whenever you finish something or when you take a break. I think it's easier and more accurate."

Wild estimation is something Arlette, given her position, can do without. "If I ask someone to send me a report, I not only get to see when the task was completed, but the email containing the report is also added to the tracking of the project. This allows me to clearly see what has already been done and what hasn't. Which is essential for a project manager."

Great workflow

Sales manager Tamer joins the conversation, and adds: "For a salesperson, the deals workflow makes perfect sense. Once you create a deal, you can approve it yourself or let your customer do so through CloudSign. You can then turn it into a project in no time. And I receive a notification whenever that happens, when Tamer turns a deal into a project," Arlette adds. "In the past, he would manually send me an email and I'd have to dig through my mailbox looking for deals. Now we have a clear overview of all deals in an instant. Well, I'm still double checking everything though, it is a human effort after all (smiles). Oh and another thing: we really appreciate the localized, Dutch-speaking support! Actually, we didn't even know about that upfront."

"They really took every role within an organization in consideration. That's what makes Teamleader unique."

Tamer also owns another company in Amsterdam, AdCalls. "With AdCalls, we've just started our free Teamleader trial as well. We're mainly using CRM, the MailChimp integration and the Web2Lead forms. AdCalls is also going international, so the versatility and the deals module offered by Teamleader are really paramount to our success. By the way, the geographical overview in the statistics is a really fun gimmick." 

Arlette: "When we tested the free trial, I was immediately convinced: this is perfect for a project manager, but also really nice for account managers. And consultants, and developers... They really took every role within an organization in consideration. That's what makes Teamleader unique."

Sales Care meeting