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SaaStr 2018: 5 key takeaways

SaaStr 2018: 5 key takeaways

Teamleader headed out to SaaStr Annual in San Francisco, February 6-8: the largest SaaS event in the world. The result: a backpack filled with business and technology insights - and our Chief of Staff would like to share her main takeaways with you.

I was excited to go to SaaStr: it’s the biggest SaaS conference in the world, where industry leaders share their insights and best practices. We didn’t go alone - Belgium was represented by companies such as Deloitte, Fortino Captial, AmbassifyBelCham, MobilExpense, Hyperlane, GuardSquare, Real Impact Analytics, HotelChamp, Apideck, Techmediagroup, Officient,,,, PieSync and Showpad. We heard some amazing stories and I’d like to share them with you.

1. Deliver an aha moment

Show people the benefits of your product, as soon as possible. Mint is a great example: connect this personal financial management app to your bank account and credit cards. Next, you’ll see a pie chart of your spendings, resulting in an aha moment. Aha moments lead to a higher usage later on, so you should really think about them. How can you create one, while making sure leads experience it as soon possible?

2. Be creative with resource management

Invest in a thorough understanding of customer experience. When it comes to SaaS businesses, you could allocate a dedicated engineering and marketing budget to optimising the onboarding process, because this will massively impact your conversion rates. If people in the buying process already know how to use your product you will reach direct results.

3. Watch what people do, instead of listening to what they say

Your target audience might say they want one thing, but act differently. That’s why at Teamleader, we focus on jobs to be done: which needs does our audience have? How can our product help fulfill these needs? For instance, a company might say they’re fine with their filing system, but in reality, they’re losing several hours a week on administrative work. With our CRM software, they could save that time and spend it on more important things.

4. Measure your efficiency

It’s important to understand how your business is doing. Which metrics are you going to track? It’s interesting to keep an eye on your revenue per employee. Divide your ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) by your number of employees to measure whether your hiring growth is in pace with your revenue growth. Ideally, this number should be between 100.000 and 150.000 dollar.

5. Look for partnerships that can provide more value for the customer

You want to partner up with people that do something unique, creating new value for your customers. With a complementing strategy, you can have a stronger offer together and create a cohesive experience as a sector towards the customers. Deep partnerships are a differentiating factor when it comes to your competition.

Just think of how Spotify partners up with businesses like Headspace, Waze and even Microsoft to offer a more integrated experience to their end users.

Another thing that pleasantly surprised me at SaaStr, was seeing a large number of women on the programme. As a mother of twins myself, it inspired me to see how someone like Heidi Bullock can find a balance between her career as female SaaS leader and motherhood. It’s nice to see some strong women in tech.

I was inspired by big SaaS founders and learned how other companies achieved their growth. It made me happy and proud to see we’re already doing a good job at Teamleader, knowing and doing a lot of the stuff we heard. But it doesn’t end there: in the upcoming year, I’d like to take these five takeaways with me and keep improving our company strategy.

Teamleader at SaaStr

As a Software-as-a-Service company, we really couldn't stay away from the biggest SaaS event on the planet. New to our company? Then check out our Product Tour page to find out what Teamleader is all about.

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