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Teamleader's referral program: bigger and better rewards

Cedric Auman Cedric Auman on 04-Mar-2019 08:00:00 in Product Updates

Teamleader's referral program: bigger and better rewards

We’ve revamped our referral program to grant you bigger and better rewards. What’s new and what’s in it for you? Read on to find out!

Out with the old...

If you referred someone to Teamleader before, you used to get € 125 in Teamleader credits or as a discount on your next invoice. The person you refer would get € 125 in Teamleader credits, to spend on:

  • Sending invoices by post

  • Confirming meetings by SMS

  • One-way integrations with bookkeeping tools

  • Twilio (Voice-over-IP calls)

Of course, those benefits were interesting on a business level. But we aim to make our Referral program beneficial to everyone, by handing out personal rewards.

And in with the new!

From now on, you earn a personal € 150 gift card for a webshop of your choice. This applies to every individual business you refer to us.  The person you refer, in turn, gets a € 50 gift card for their preferred webshop.

Note: Rewards are earned as soon as your referee becomes a paying Teamleader user. The referral program can only be used by customers. Be sure to refer someone using the in-app link to claim your reward!

So how can you refer someone?

To recommend Teamleader to others and start earning personal gift cards:

  1. Log in to Teamleader (

  2. Click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner.

  3. Click on “My referrals”.

  4. You will then see your personal Referral overview page. Here, you can share your personal link with others to earn your gift card or see how many Referrals you’ve made in the past.

  5. Your reward will be granted as soon as your referee becomes a paying Teamleader user.

Share the joys of a better way of working

So, know someone who could work smarter with Teamleader? Share your link with them and start earning gift cards!

Here’s a quick recap of how it works:




Recommend Teamleader

In line with this change, we've also updated our Referral policy. Check it out here.