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The project manager’s Walhalla: Teamleader’s new Work Breakdown

Bram Bouwmeister Bram Bouwmeister on 23-Apr-2020 12:30:00 in Product Updates

The project manager’s Walhalla: Teamleader’s new Work Breakdown

As a project manager, you like to be prepared. Great news: with Teamleader’s new Work Breakdown you create clear estimates of the necessary work and you keep all of your projects perfectly under control. 

One of the main questions here at Teamleader is: how can we let our customers plan their work as efficiently as possible? The new Work Breakdown is an answer to that question.

A proper estimate of the work that needs to be done is one of the most important conditions to deliver a project perfectly. To create such an estimate, it’s key to first zoom out to create an overview.

A helicopter view per project

Breaking up a project in manageable pieces and dividing the work equally can easily become a daring task. Especially when a project grows into multiple phases, you can easily lose track of the bigger picture. The new Work Breakdown offers a solution.

The Work Breakdown lets you plan work very flexibly. Start by planning all major phases your project entails. Thanks to the automatic copying of the most important information, it’s a job that’s done in no time. That leaves you with an overview of the biggest steps to deliver a perfectly planned project.


Finished outlining your project? Time to dive deeper into the specific tasks per phase. No need to think about who will eventually perform those tasks just yet. You can define that later on, and that gives you some advantages:

  • Take a look who actually has the time to execute tasks and keep your co-workers happy
  • Estimate better how much time a project will take
  • Communicate clearly about it with your customers

Learn while doing

The new Work Breakdown doesn’t just help you immensely at the start, but also during your project:

  • Compare the estimated time of tasks with the actual tracked time and learn from your planning
  • Check tracked time that isn’t linked to a pre-made task or phase. This will help you to better estimate future projects
  • Plan new or edit existing tasks straight from this overview

The Work Breakdown replaces the old ‘Milestones and tasks’ and is immediately accessible from your project detail. The Breakdown is now prominently displayed at the top of the project, so you can quickly see the status of your work. Right below you find the well-known project financials that show you the financial health of your project.

The combo of those financials and the Work Breakdown of your projects will help you to keep control over your project at all times. And peace on your project is peace of mind.

Give Teamleader a spin and try us out for two weeks. And if it doesn’t work out between us? No worries. You won’t pay a dime.