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Teamleader updates: profit on projects, bulk actions, work orders

Cedric Auman Cedric Auman on 16-May-2019 11:13:17 in Product Updates

Teamleader updates: profit on projects, bulk actions, work orders

At our yearly Work Smarter event in Belgium, we announced not one, not two, but three great Teamleader updates!

We're happy to give you a quick recap of which novelties you can expect this month.

#1: Measure the profitability of your projects

One of the top conundrums in project management is not knowing just how profitable your work is. That's why our first product update is probably the biggest:

HQ_Blog_NewfeatureProjectProfits_inline 1Using Teamleader's project module?  You’ll now know exactly how much each project costs, and what profit you made. That insight in the profit margin per project helps you make smarter decisions and optimise your efforts for future projects.

The main benefits of this update:

  • Gain insight into revenue and profitability
  • Keep budgets and expenses in check
  • Learn from historical data, and deliver more profitable projects time and time again

Want to know more? Read the full story here.

#2:  Create and manage work orders with the mobile app

HQ_Blog_NewfeatureMobileWorkOrders_inline 1On Work Smarter last year, we launched our new mobile app, this time we're happy to launch a major update: mobile work orders. Perfect for those who prefer not spending their evenings managing paperwork.

The app now helps you track exactly what you did for which customer. Once you're done working, simply track your hours and materials, and draft an invoice in no time.  You can download the mobile app on Android or iOS here.

The main benefits of this update:

  • Add your mileage, working hoursresources and photos
  • Create and sign digital work orders in no time
  • Keep your team updated on the work that's been done and the resources used

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HQ_Blog_NewfeatureInvoiceBulkActions_inline 2#3:  Save time with bulk actions in Teamleader

New updates aside, our team works behind the scenes to tighten screws on existing features. A great example: the new bulk actions for invoices.

          In practice, this means you no longer need to process invoices one by one. Simply select all invoices you want to book, send or mark as paid, and perform that action once. A small, yet powerful update that can save you a lot of time (depending on how many invoices you process per month).

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