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Teamleader’s most popular integrations for agencies

Teamleader’s most popular integrations for agencies

The Teamleader Marketplace has tons of integrations with different kinds of productivity tools. Having more integrations doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re working smarter. Since we’re here to help you save time, here’s a list of the most popular integrations our agency customers use.

Integrations between different SaaS tools help solve one big issue: data silos. Nothing more frustrating than having to do the same job twice. By linking different tools, you eliminate the risk of losing data. Plus, it helps you maintain overview, save time and, in the long run, money.

Here’s our shortlist of integrations that are most popular among agencies.

1. Calendar


Calendar integrations synchronise your day-to-day activities  across tools. That makes it easier to share your schedule with colleagues, for instance, so they know to keep your availabilities into account (without having to show details). These are the three most used integrations for calendar syncing:

Don’t forget to check out other calendar related integrations on our Marketplace.



To say that email is quite the popular means of communication is an understatement. With an annual growth rate of 4.4% forecast over the next four years, it’s estimated that by the end of 2021, over 316 billion emails will be sent each day and there will be 4.1 billion email users – that’s over half the entire world’s population.

Email tracking

Not all those emails are equally important. Luckily, Teamleader offers some integrations that helps you separate the wheat from the chaff by only tracking the relevant emails to the right contact in your CRM.

Email marketing

It’s not surprising that email is used as a marketing tool as well. To help you reach the right leads and customers, Teamleader’s CRM links to a few email marketing tools, with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor as the most popular ones.

Bookkeeping and payments

Getting invoices paid as fast as possible is beneficial for your business. So without any further ado, here are the most popular integrations when it comes to bookkeeping and payments:

There are a whole lot of other integrations for bookkeeping and easy payments on the Marketplace as well. Don’t forget to check if your preferred solution is one of them.

Lead capturing

Okay, you have a great product or service to offer, you’ve set up all your marketing campaigns and emails and your website is up to par and gets numerous visits. But how will you capture those visitors? How can they contact you and, more importantly, how can you follow up?

Simple: put a form on your website and let leads flow into Teamleader automagically. Sounds like a lot of technical work? Not at all. These integrations make it look like child’s play:

Since the launch of our Teamleader Marketplace, over 200 integrations are available for all types of businesses. Is what you’re looking for not there yet? Let us know, or build it yourself. We even offer you some budget to develop new integrations.