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It’s list time: a look back at 2019

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 31-Dec-2019 11:01:35 in Product Updates

It’s list time: a look back at 2019

We’re almost at the end of 2019, and although you’re probably knee-deep in end-of-year lists, we’d like to add just one more. It was a busy year, marked by many new developments. In total, we unveiled no fewer than 20 new features and improvements.

Below is a list of the most important ones. Tip: you can also find the latest updates throughout the year by clicking the gift icon at the top right-hand corner of your Teamleader account page.

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More money in the bank 💰

Every year, we aim to be more efficient, from the initial customer contact to the payment of the invoice. We also saw success in 2019 with these new updates.

Smarter sales with the pipeline overview

In August, we introduced you to the Pipeline sales deals overview. It allows you to effortlessly visualise and track your leads through the different phases of your sales process, from first contact to the sale itself.


The smart filters in the overview quickly show you which deals require follow-up. This means that not a single opportunity is lost. Filling in fields such as decision date and estimated probability allows you to keep an eye on the hottest deals. Please note that we do know, of course, that you are already darn good sales!.

The new Time Tracker: track time easily

Tracking time is a bit like Christmas dinner with the in-laws: no one really enjoys it, but it has to be done. That changed at the beginning of this year, with Teamleader’s new Time Tracker.

In a nutshell, the Time Tracker allows you to start and stop a timer while working. You can start tracking in your browser and continue on your phone, or the other way around. This means your hours worked are always synced, wherever you are. You can also keep precise track of your hours on previously-created tasks and projects, then invoice them to your customer.

And speaking of projects...

Profitable projects, on budget. Every time.

In May, we launched Profit on Projects. This gives you an overview of all of your costs, turnover and profits. A bit later, expanded budget management was added, allowing you to communicate with your customers about their projects much more transparently.

To sum up, 2019 gave you immediate insight into the most important figures of each project: the use of your budget and the profit margin.

Budgets_V1 (1)_5

Invoices paid? Check!

After you’ve successfully completed your project - well within budget and with a considerable profit margin - it’s time to send the invoices. To save you some time, we introduced a few bulk actions that make that process a lot easier.

They allow you to book, send and process multiple invoices at once, quickly saving you 11 minutes per invoice. Made a mistake? You can quickly delete multiple draft invoices at once.

New mobile heights 🚀

Without a doubt, the prize for “Greatest Metamorphosis of 2019” goes to the mobile app. Here’s just a selection of the many updates:

All your documents in your back pocket

At the end of this year, we let you bid farewell to your overstuffed folders. For a few weeks now, the mobile app has allowed you to easily:

  • View files and photos
  • Add new files
  • Take a photo and immediately add it, or select one from your gallery

The PDF file of a specific quotation or invoice can still be found on the detail page of that quotation or invoice. All this info at your fingertips!

Optimised for tablets

Now, it makes no difference to the mobile app whether you view these files on your smartphone or tablet. This is because the app has been optimised for both iPads and Android tablets.

Enjoy your favourite features, such as the Time Tracker, the business card scanner and work orders, in either portrait or landscape orientation. The choice is yours!

The last feature in particular has workers in the field everywhere rubbing their hands with glee.

Creating work orders using the mobile app

In May, we introduced our updated work orders. No more struggling with note sheets or complicated apps at your worksite: starting this year, you can easily create digital work orders with the Teamleader mobile app.

What’s different about it?

  • Record your mileage, working hours and materials
  • Create and sign digital work orders in no time
  • Keep your team up to speed on completed tasks and materials used
  • Easy and user-friendly on your smartphone or tablet

And there’s more - much more.

These features were also added to the mobile app this year:

  • Updated dashboard with due tasks and schedule for the day
  • An overview of all activities with companies and contacts
  • Mark tasks as done
  • Track time on tasks
  • Link tasks to deals and projects
  • Check unscheduled tasks

Not yet an app user? You don’t know what you’re missing! Download it now and be prepared for 2020.




1000+ new friends 🤝

A blast of automation

In 2019, we boldly expanded our range of integrations, which means you can now easily exchange data with more than 200 apps and tools. Thanks to our link with Zapier, we added over a thousand integrations in one fell swoop. Setting up a flow with Zapier is dead simple - and there’s no coding required.


Payment statuses linked to your bank

This year, Ponto made it possible to bridge the gap between your professional accounts and Teamleader. Every 2 hours, incoming transactions are compared with your issued invoices, so you no longer have to check every bank account to see if your customers have paid.

Also in 2019...

In addition to integrations, mobile updates and faster payments, there are a number of updates that fall outside of any specific category. But that doesn’t mean we’re any less excited about them!

  • More secure logins using unique e-mail addresses
  • Deleting vs. deactivating users
  • National identification numbers for companies
  • Improvement of PO numbers


So, if you ask us, 2019 was like a well-stocked Christmas dinner table: something for everyone. What was your favourite update of the past year? Let us know below and we’ll pass the pats on the back and high fives on to the right people.


What's in store?

Looking back inevitably means looking ahead as well. What will happen in 2020? We’ll keep it to ourselves for the time being, but in January we’ll give you a glimpse of the year to come. For early adopters: book your Work Smarter 2020 ticket in advance and find out what’s new first-hand!