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Teamleader's new navigation menu

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 23-Apr-2018 09:09:51 in Product Updates

Teamleader's new navigation menu

A few weeks ago we announced we were redesigning our navigation menu. Since then, we’ve had some beta users try it out and the results were very positive. That means you too can expect a new and improved navigation menu soon. Our gradual roll-out for all users will start April 23!

Too many tools_Inline2Built based on user behavior

The new navigation menu doesn’t just offer a fancy new design (although we hope you like it!). In the process of improving it, we also thought about the order of the menu items. As you could read in our previous post, we did a lot of research before we got to work.

Effortless navigation: access core elements in fewer clicks

The biggest change you’ll experience is the order of the menu items. Your calendar is now at the top of the menu so it’s easy to access. Why this change? Our data research showed that this is the most used item by the vast majority of users, so it definitely deserved a place at the top.

Missing your dashboard? We’ve moved it under the Teamleader logo in the upper left corner!

“In terms of clarity and usability, the new lay-out and order is way more user-friendly and a big improvement to the old menu” - Nicolaj Nijenhuis - PowerAssist BV

The next big change: we’ve split up Contacts and Companies into two separate menu items.   Our data analysis showed that Companies is frequently used, but it took you two clicks (CRM > Companies) to get there. We now reduced this to one click - which will save you lots of clicks on a daily basis.

The order of the items under Contacts and Companies depends on which features you use. They follow the logical flow from lead to cash: Contacts > Deals > Projects > Invoicing and are ranked in order of usage.

If you’re missing some of these features in your account, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to try them for free!

Some items have have been removed from the main navigation menu. For example: before, tasks, meetings and calls expanded when you clicked on ‘Calendar’. But since our research showed that these are used very sporadically, we’ve moved them to the secondary menu level at the top of your screen.

The new menu is fantastic and functions really well!
- Vincent Guillaume - Revolution Fleet Company sprl

In case you need extra space to access more menu items, a tertiary menu level can appear. This will only happen in a few select cases, such as with Settings or Insights.

More work space

By narrowing the size of the navigation menu, we’ve created more space for you to focus on what you’re working on: your deal, invoice or project.

We’re constantly working on improving your experience. In the near future, we will make better use of the available space by improving the Invoicing overview for example, which we expect to launch early this summer.

Easy on the eyes

In the last six years, the design of the navigation menu hasn’t changed much. So it was about time for a revamp. Our new icons are straightforward and were designed to be easy on the eyes. This will make it really easy to navigate through Teamleader like it is second nature.

Great job, I love it! - Margot Vanden Bossche - Around Media

Care to see what has changed? Check out this video: