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Feature Friday: It’s here: meet Teamleader’s new mobile app!

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 16-May-2018 10:38:00 in Product Updates

Feature Friday: It’s here: meet Teamleader’s new mobile app!

At our Belgian Work Smarter event on May 15, CTO Tom Schouteden and CEO Jeroen De Wit proudly presented Teamleader’s new mobile app to over 500 attendees. 

We had a chat with Tom about the development, the choices we made and future plans and opportunities for our new mobile app.

So Tom, a new mobile app. Why develop a new one?

Tom: “In December 2017, we launched our new API v2. Building that was a challenging but very satisfying process taking up several months of our time. The good news is that our new mobile app is now completely based on our own API. This will allow us to build new mobile features much faster and constantly update existing ones.”

“The old mobile app was built years ago, on an old code framework - which was also embedded deep into the core code of Teamleader. This made it very time-consuming to adapt and improve existing functionality. And let’s be honest: the old version was far from perfect in terms of features and usability.”

Which type of novelties can users expect in this mobile app?

Tom: “The biggest change is the design and user experience. Just like our web version, we’re implementing a clearer and easier-to-use interface. Navigating the app now feels much more natural and the structure is much more logical too.”

"We've added more options and details on a Contact and Company level. For instance, users can now view multiple addresses or connected deals right away. We’ve also made important actions more visible. Users will find it is now much easier and more intuitive to track time on tasks or call their customers. You simply can’t miss the call-to-action button. Following up on the status of your ongoing sales deals or the payment status of invoices is also much easier when you’re on the road now.” 

"Plus, as I touched upon earlier: a new API means much faster releases. We’re aiming towards releasing new updates every two weeks in the upcoming months."

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What’s the benefit of using the mobile app instead of the web app?

Tom: “The mobile and native app don't compete with one another - they complement each other. How? Well, imagine this: you’re a salesperson spending most of your time on the road. Using the mobile app, you know exactly when and where you need to be. Teamleader will give you the option to use your own preferred navigation app, be it Google Maps, Waze or anything else. What’s more, you can follow up on your deal while stepping outside of your customer’s office by switching deal phases before getting into your car."

"At the same time, your finance colleague can create an invoice from his desk. By the time you arrive back home, your invoice might have been paid already." To illustrate this better, we made a short video.


What’s different from the old app?

Tom: “First off, for a while, we’ll have two versions of the app available at the same moment. The new version doesn’t (yet) contain the business card scanner or work order functionality. For these two features, you still need to use the old one. It’s on our mobile app roadmap to add the business card scanner in the new app. That’s why we’re always very open to feedback!”

“Work orders will take more time and resources to implement as we really want to rethink and rebuild this functionality so that it really fits our customers’ needs. We might even think of introducing a completely separate app for that. But we do want to start working on it as soon as possible. Most importantly, this is just a start. We have a dedicated team of developers who will continuously work on adding new features."

Just try out the new mobile app and download it now.

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