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Product manager Pieter Reel: "With Teamleader we also look beyond just selling more and faster".

Pieter Reel Pieter Reel on 11-Mar-2020 10:39:46 in Product Updates

Product manager Pieter Reel:

VP Product Didier Malherbe recently presented the first half of 2020 based on three themes. Today, product manager Pieter Reel zooms in on one of those themes and what you can expect from Teamleader soon.

The Pipeline overview as a foundation

"Last year confirmed that we're still heading in the right direction. Entrepreneurs often tell us how Teamleader makes them work smarter. And halfway through 2019, our data also showed that: companies sell 23% more and 35% faster with Teamleader." Pieter smiles.

"Such insights are, of course, very motivating to make the tool even better. That's why we launched the Pipeline view not long after."

The Pipeline overview visualizes your sales process.

"The Pipeline view was undoubtedly the most important sales feature of 2019. We noticed that users sometimes lost sight of opportunities. That became a thing of the past. They can now set the right priorities and act quickly, thanks to automated follow-up actions.”

By showing sales opportunities in a pipeline, Teamleader also encourages users to define a formal sales process. One of the cornerstones to work smarter.

Research by the Harvard Business Review showed that there is a direct link between efficient pipeline management and growth. Companies with a formal sales process generate 18% more turnover and grow 15% faster.

"In short, 2019 formed a solid foundation on which we'll continue to build this year." Pieter concludes. "And in doing so, we look beyond just selling more and faster.”

A smart business assistant

The overview in Teamleader is set to further improve. A lot of updates that will make your sales process even better.

"In the long run, we're working towards a smart business assistant. We want to deliver upon our 'More done. Less hassle.' promise by making salespeople pursue the right kind of opportunities.”

"That's why we're ultimately going to look at opportunities outside the sales process. Which types of deals work for your business and which don't? How do they relate to the final project and underlying margins?" Pieter continues.  

"The first step in that direction is the Forecasting view that we just launched. By the end of April, an individual detail page per deal and a new view of the deals per contact or company are also on the horizon.”

Contact detail - screenshot@2x
Per customer, you get a clear overview of the current sales opportunities.

"To spend less time making quotations, we then focus on faster ways to make similar quotations and the ability to offer an end customer multiple options. The intention is to launch this in mid-2020." says Pieter. "Once these functionalities are in place, we'll focus entirely on that smart assistant."

From data to insights

"For users who sell, turnover forecasts or forecasts proved to be decisive for a better overview. They are used to set goals, plan and evaluate performance.” Tells Pieter. 

"Such a 'helicopter view' only became more relevant when it became clear that the majority of them manage a large number of small deals".

The Forecasting Summary predicts your expected turnover.

"Users invest time by inputting information such as the success rate and expected decision date of a deal. But of course, it's up to Teamleader to get started with that data and make that investment worthwhile. That's where the Forecast view comes in.

Based on the value, the probability rate and the expected close date of a deal, a weighted forecast is made for the coming months. Sales opportunities with a higher probability rate show up at the top of the overview. 

"In the left-hand column, we also show all deals with a passed or missing close date. These are possibly important for your prediction so you can drag them into the right column, as in the Pipeline overview".

Sales forecast - side panel@2x
Via the side panel, you can adjust the probability rate and expected close date.

"In summary, this overview is the perfect example of how we can continue to build the tool purposefully. The Forecasting view requires valuable input from which both users and Teamleader can learn. In the long run, this allows Teamleader to assess the success of your opportunities better".

Manage projects flexibly and digitalise workflows

Manage projects flexibly and further digitalise workflows of craftsmen, those are the focus areas of product managers Bram Bouwmeister and Charlotte Vanden Bussche respectively. Who’s the next one to elaborate on those topics? You’ll read it here in a couple of weeks.