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A wide range of innovations: first half 2020 revealed

Didier Malherbe Didier Malherbe on 12-Feb-2020 16:40:00 in Product Updates

A wide range of innovations: first half 2020 revealed

At the end of last year, we were able to look back on a well-filled 2019 when it comes to our product. With a total of over 20 updates or improvements, Teamleader benefited from many changes. Is 2020 going to build further on this excellent momentum? Our VP Product Didier Malherbe gives you a glimpse of what’s in store.

Clear vision of the future

“In 2020, we, of course, still want to continue to make the administrative work of entrepreneurs easier by improving their daily workflow. Like this, they save time and can focus on what really matters,” says Didier.

“Here, we are also looking beyond Teamleader. Because what gave us even more satisfaction than the many product updates and improvements in 2019 were the impressive performance figures achieved by the Teamleader users.”

With their won deals worth a combined total of no less than 9 billion euros, our customers recorded a collective growth of over 100% compared to 2018. Users of our invoicing software also saw a large increase in payments received, up to a total of more than 4 billion euros across all Teamleader users.

To make 2020 even better, this year’s roadmap continues development with a clear focus on three themes:

  • Following up sales opportunities quickly and effectively
  • Managing projects flexibly
  • Further digitalising the workflows of craftsmen

“Within this focus, we are developing a range of different features for the first half of 2020. They will either be relevant for all customers or respond to the specific needs of a particular sector,” Didier explains. “In this way, we continue to create value for every Teamleader user.”

Following up sales opportunities quickly and effectively

“In 2020, we want to empower you to make even more of a difference with Teamleader thanks to a quick and effective sales follow-up and professional quotations,” Didier continues. “Because, with a fast, accurate and transparent sales process, you beat every competitor.”

In 2019 the Pipeline overview and both the “deal probability rate” and “expected close date” fields were already a good start. The automatic follow-up actions on deals appeared at the beginning of 2020, and in the meantime, an improved deal overview and a brand new forecasting page are also under construction.

The Forecasting page predicts your expected turnover

“By automating follow-up actions, speeding up the production of quotations and providing the right insights at the right time, everyone will have access to a well-oiled sales machine by mid-2020. And while that engine runs on relentlessly, Teamleader users will have time for what matters most: building customer relationships and landing new sales opportunities.”

Managing projects flexibly

“Anyone who lands more projects must also be able to manage them simply and flexibly. This need is greatest among agencies and service SMEs that sell projects and time.”

Last year, the focus lay largely on the financial aspect of projects. In 2020, Teamleader will be providing you with all possible weapons to master a multitude of projects and tasks.

“By the end of March, you will be able to place tasks under overarching task groups or reschedule them without problem. If it is still unclear who will carry out the work and when, you can assign the delivery date and the assignee at a later time."

Tasks and task groups can easily be modified

“Our all-in-one vision will also come to the fore more prominently within projects. At the end of March, it will be possible to manage all work within a single project - and the different phases - in Teamleader via one clear overview. It’s also going to be a lot easier to add or change task information via a side panel,” Didier continues.

Further digitalising the workflows of craftsmen

“Lastly, 2020 will also be all about professional craftsmen. For users in the construction, installation and maintenance sectors, Teamleader very quickly forms the backbone of their business operations.”

"Last year, mobile work orders were completely updated in Teamleader. This year, we will create a clear link between the work orders and their associated meetings. We are also bringing this clarity to the desktop with an overview of all work orders."

Workorder from meetingCreate a work order directly from a meeting

In addition to work orders,  Teamleader will also be focusing on several sector-specific requirements regarding articles, the follow-up of maintenance and repairs, and simpler management of VAT returns.

Didier explains: "The ultimate intention is that every contractor, installer, carpenter or plumber has the necessary features to enable the further digitalisation of his or her workflow. Because the less time they lose behind their desks in administration, the more time they have to perform their actual work."

The team behind the themes

"All of the themes above are the result of the daily interaction our team has with users and non-users alike. Thanks to their input, Teamleader can simplify administrative work and stimulate entrepreneurship every year," says Didier. "And in the end, that's what it's all about."

In the coming weeks, you will get to know various Teamleader product managers better. They will be going into more detail on the above themes and the 2020 roadmap.

In two weeks, it will be the turn of product manager Pieter Reel. He will explain how with Teamleader, you do not lose sight of a single opportunity.