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Spring releases: 3 major product updates

Sophie Soete Sophie Soete on 07-May-2020 17:41:52 in Product Updates

Spring releases: 3 major product updates

With spring in the air, we opened windows and doors and let some fresh air circulate through Teamleader. We tweaked how you plan your work with projects, added a work order overview in your browser and improved the deal overview.

The project manager’s Walhalla: Teamleader’s new Work Breakdown

Breaking up a project in manageable pieces and dividing the work equally can easily become a daring task. The new Work Breakdown helps you keep your projects under control through a clear overview at all times and allowing you to plan your work in a flexible way.


The Work Breakdown replaces the old ‘Milestones and tasks’ and is displayed on top of your project financials. That way, you can see the status of your work and the financial health of your project at a glance. And peace on your project is peace of mind.

Work orders in your pocket and now also in your browser

Say hello to a new tab in your main navigation: work orders. Desperately searching for a work order through all files of a customer is now officially a thing from the past. 

The new work order overview in your browser gives you an overview of all work orders created. The handy sorting and search function allows you to quickly find the work order you’re looking for. Click on it to view the new detail page for each work order.

WO - overview - for communications


Give your deals the attention they deserve

With a restyled deal overview and a brand new detail page per deal, you’ll never lose sight of a single detail. And a perfect follow-up of your sales opportunities can only lead to more satisfied customers and more sales.


On all contact and company pages in Teamleader, the deal overview got a new look. The overview you’re familiar with gave way to a brand new and clear list view.

In addition, each deal in Teamleader now has its dedicated page bundling all information on a deal. This makes your follow-up a lot more clear. 


And corona?

It's a question no company can ignore, including Teamleader. Corona is a storm we face together, and we want to support SMEs as well as we can.

  • COMING SOON: secure your cash flow thanks to our new integration with KBC On Demand Financing (only available in Belgium). 
  • Get a better overview of outstanding invoices with the new ‘Outstanding amount’ column in your invoices list view. 
  • View unbilled time per customer at a glance with the new ‘Unbilled amount’ column in your contact or company list view.


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