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New version LinkedIn plugin

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 10-Mar-2017 09:35:00 in Product Updates

New version LinkedIn plugin

Great news! Teamleader’s LinkedIn plugin has received an update: it’s now compatible with the new version of LinkedIn’s layout.

A while back LinkedIn gradually started to roll out a new and improved user interface. We like it, but unfortunately it brought along some consequences for us: our LinkedIn plugin wasn’t compatible with the new design.

But now we’ve updated our plugin to work for both the new and the old version of LinkedIn! It’s available in the Chrome Store right now, so check it out!

Curious to see what the plugin does exactly?

Besides allowing you to track incoming and outgoing email for Gmail and Outlook for web, it enables you to import contact and company data directly from the LinkedIn website.


The plugin adds a space to the LinkedIn page comparing the contact with the data in your Teamleader CRM. If it’s unknown in your database, it will suggest to add the contact.


You can also add any companies the contact works for. The contact will automatically be linked to these companies in Teamleader.


Once you’ve added the contact, a direct link to the Teamleader CRM page becomes available.


Back in Teamleader, the contact has its own CRM page. The logo next to the contact’s name is a direct link to his or her LinkedIn profile.