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Teamleader's new dashboard: paving the road for better UX

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 05-Feb-2018 14:00:00 in Product Updates

Teamleader's new dashboard: paving the road for better UX

At Teamleader, helping SMEs work smarter has always been our main goal. By offering an intuitive tool paired with a user-friendly design, we allow business to save time and focus on what matters most.

To improve your experience further, we’re introducing a freshly redesigned dashboard. This dashboard is built to help you see which tasks, phone calls and meetings are planned today and the days to come. To explain why, what and how we improved the dashboard we had a chat with Stephen, our Product Designer.

Please note that we are gradually rolling out this new design to all of our customers within the next few weeks.

Stephen, the Teamleader dashboard just got a facelift. Explain us why.

“In five years’ time, Teamleader has evolved from a small startup and a successful product to a mature go-to platform. Our software’s design, however, lagged behind a little - which resulted in a few technical and usability limits. That’s why we’re currently working hard on introducing a whole new user interface. The Teamleader dashboard is the first step in that pretty long road. There will be a mix of old and new design for a while as we will be rolling it out, but this already gives a sneak preview on where we are going in terms of visual design in the future.”

What are the main differences compared to the the old design?

“One of the most important decisions was creating the building blocks for a completely responsive design by creating entirely new design components. This allowed us to introduce a more visual style, immediately showing the most important elements on your dashboard - making it much more easy to scan.”

The old versus the new design of the main dashboard widgetsThe old compared to the new design of the main dashboard widgets

“We had to take some tough decisions. As our design vision isn’t 100% compatible with our current functionality yet, we’ve had to put overdue tasks, meetings and calls in a drop-down menu for now. Our ideal scenario is to provide users with instant access to all those overdue items and pave the road for an even better user experience. But we’re running into some limitations along the way.”

“Another subtle yet important change is the typography. We opted for a new font, developed specifically for online and app purposes: Inter UI. It’s an open source font that regularly gets updated by the online community. This way it can evolve with the product and the fast-paced online world.”

Rendering@2x.pngThe old font versus the new font. Inter UI results in better scannability.


You mentioned something about the vision of the design. What’s that according to you?

“One of the most challenging decisions to take, is determining what exactly you want to display to your target audience. It’s just too easy to say “let’s just show it all!” to please everyone. If you do this, you’ll quickly see that the amount of content will soon overshadow the goal of your tool. People will spend too much time searching for what they’re looking for. That’s what our vision for the dashboard is all about: in the first place, we want to display what’s on your plate for today. Secondly, we want our customers to easily complete these tasks. Thirdly, we need to show people which tasks are overdue. These three levels provide users with an efficient workflow and makes sure we can improve and add more functionality to the dashboard later on.

balancing visual weight@2x.png
It was an excercise in balancing visual weight

Are there any functional differences with the old dashboard?

Only a few:

  • The column width of tasks, meetings and calls now changes according to your screen size
  • Items that are due today will be marked with a purple dot
  • Items that are scheduled today show the scheduled time
  • If a task is due in the future but scheduled for today, it will show up in both ‘due today’ and ‘future tasks’
  • Not all overdue tasks, meetings and calls are shown. You will only see the six most recently overdue items that aren’t older than seven days

What’s next?

“We’re currently reworking the entire navigation bar. It’s quite a radical change that will be visible all throughout our tool. At the same time, we’re trying to process all new user interface elements in a scalable way: whenever a new feature is rolled out, the new design will be implemented. This is also an essential part of our vision: based on customer feedback, we continue to streamline the entire interface visually - without losing touch with the functionality.

“We could lock ourselves in an ivory tower for six months and roll out a new design all at once. But then you risk losing touch with your customer base and lagging behind on features and improvements. That’s why we chose for a pragmatic transition period, speeding up as we go along.”

“We’ve also been working on a complete redesign of the mobile app for a while now. Our main focus there: helping out customers who are often on the road. The new navigation and dashboard also play a big role in this.”

Long story short, the dashboard is just the tip of the iceberg - and so much more is yet to come. Today is the perfect time for us to gather input from our most important stakeholder: you, our customer. So: don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any feedback you may have!