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Teamleader Marketplace: one central place for all your integrations

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 15-May-2017 14:39:00 in Product Updates

Teamleader Marketplace: one central place for all your integrations

Today, Teamleader launches a new platform: the Marketplace. It contains nearly 100 integrations with SME software, ranging from accounting tools and Microsoft Office to cloud applications for online payments, marketing, telephony, and much more.

In the past, software developers sometimes spontaneously connected their applications to Teamleader, without any notification to our customers. This helped shape the idea of the Teamleader Marketplace: one central place to bundle all Teamleader integrations. In addition, we have expanded the list of integrations from 40 to around 100 tools, including the popular Microsoft Office suite.

Activate & connect your entire workspace

The essence of the Marketplace? Connectivity! The Marketplace allows you to connect your favorite software to your Teamleader account. This avoids the risk of lost or duplicate data, and expands your workspace with just the tools you need.

But it is also a place to discover new ways of working. To many SMEs, Teamleader is the first step in digitising their business. We really value that trust, and want to reward you for it - by guiding the way to further digitisation. The end result we’re hoping to achieve? An optimal workflow, for each and every SME.

Jeroen De Wit, Teamleader’s CEO:

"With the Marketplace, we set the first steps towards building a community of European SMEs that helps and supports each other in their search for more productivity and competitiveness."

All of our 5000 customers use Teamleader in a unique way, fully adapted to their needs with all kinds of integrations and third-party applications. We want to ensure that our users can customise Teamleader to work in an innovative and efficient manner. At the same time, we want to encourage software developers to build user-friendly, qualitative integrations with Teamleader in order to expand our offer at a steady pace.

Niels Vanden Buverie, Product Owner of the Marketplace at Teamleader:

"The Marketplace is a new ecosystem for SMEs. Similar systems already exist for larger enterprises; We want to offer SMEs the same options. The Marketplace is a crucial step in our mission: providing customers with the right tools to be just as competitive and innovative as the big players."

How do you start with the Marketplace?

Once you access the Marketplace, you can easily search for integrations in different categories. There is a category for accounting, online payments, email marketing, email tracking, and so on. Plug-and-play allows you to connect Teamleader with new applications in just a few clicks.

Managing existing integrations is also possible with the Marketplace. For example, the single sign-on feature lets you instantly log in to external applications. Developers, in turn, will love the page that explains how to build an integration with Teamleader.

The Marketplace is a wonderful way to start optimising your work environment. Check it out today!