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Why we’re building it: Teamleader’s new invoice overview

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 15-Oct-2018 10:00:00 in Product Updates

Why we’re building it: Teamleader’s new invoice overview

In our Roadmap for 2018 we’ve mentioned a few stylish makeovers were coming your way, on top of some extra features. One of the bigger makeovers - if not the biggest one - was our invoicing redesign. It’s time to present you what we’ve been working on and what’s coming up in the future.

Teamleader invoicing is up for a thorough makeover. We’re talking to the man who is making this happen: Pieter Reel, Product Owner of the Invoicing team.

 Hi Pieter! Tell us, why exactly is the design of the Teamleader invoicing changing?

“Actually, we are changing the design due to customer requests. As Teamleader has always been built on feedback, this is not something new - although this time around, it wasn’t easy. Some features customers were asking for were hard or almost impossible to implement without changing the whole invoicing interface.

Customers mostly asked for an easier way to find the right invoice, with an option for deep search. They also liked merging invoices or performing bulk actions for instance.  This helps them save time, which is our end goal, so they can focus on what matters most. And as an added bonus, it’s easy on the eyes of course!”

And in what ways will this redesign impact the end users?

“Since this is a major change in the whole core part of Teamleader, we will be releasing the entire redesign in a few phases. In the first phase, we’re launching the invoicing overview and detail page. Here already you’ll get some nice functionality additions.

Currently, you have to create a segment (filter) with different parameters to find the right invoice. Nothing wrong with that, but that could be easier. That’s why we’re expanding our search possibilities, which makes retrieving the right invoice much quicker.

Besides that, I’m so happy to introduce bulk actions for invoicing! This allows you to:

  • Book multiple invoices at the same time;
  • Merge draft invoices for the same customer into one invoice;
  • Send out multiple invoices at once;
  • Mark multiple invoices as “paid” in one go.

You see, we’re not just polishing up existing stuff - we’re improving existing functionalities and are adding some more on top of that, based on customer requests.“

Can we have a sneak peek already?

“Sure, if it’s not spread too widely (editors note: oops…). Here are some screenshots:




This is the invoicing overview and detail page. When will the rest of the invoicing functionality be released?

"Today, a part of the new overview and detail page are already in beta. We’re constantly working on getting the entire design out there. Even as you are reading this, our designers and developers are creating a better experience for you. But that doesn’t answer your question of course. Here’s an overview of what you can expect the upcoming weeks and months:

In the upcoming weeks...

We hope to make it much easier to create an invoice. A new design flow should give you a much better view of what your invoice is going to look like in the end.

Besides that, we also want to give customers the option to merge multiple draft invoices. That has been on our roadmap for quite a while, and has received a lot of votes from our users.

Talking about months...

We’ll introduce a new search experience that should make it easier to find the right invoices in just a matter of seconds, instead of having to create an entire segment. A first prototype is currently being tested by customers.

More bulk actions are also coming your way. Booking, sending, marking as paid, merging… All of these actions should make it a whole lot easier to manage your day-to-day administration."

Is there any way we can already try out the overview redesign?

"Yes there is, glad you asked! We’re already lucky having a few bug hunters to help us “break” stuff. If you sign up via the button below, you too can try out the new invoicing overview and detail page in beta. We will be in contact with you soon to open up the new design for your account.

Don’t worry if something is missing, you can still easily switch back to the old design. This way you’ll never lose any important data."