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Teamleader's integration fund - six months later

Teamleader's integration fund - six months later

On May 16th, 2018 we announced that we were freeing 1 million euros for third parties to build integrations for their Marketplace. Now that we’re a few months further, let’s have a quick look at what has been realised.

What is the integration fund?

Integrations help to prevent data silos, share information and work more efficiently. Software developers apply for a chunk of the fund to build a new integrations between their app and Teamleader, or to improve an already existing one. These integrations create bridges between different tools so people can set up the most efficient workflows. Teamleader’s fund lowers the threshold for other businesses to create integrations that others can benefit from.

Six months after the launch…

Six months have passed since we announced the Teamleader Integration Fund. Time to have a look at the integrations this actually brought forth.

In short:

  • 144 companies applied for the fund;
  • Of those, 48 have been approved;
  • And of those, 11 new integrations are already available on the Marketplace!

These are the integrations that were built with the fund:


If you’re looking for an easy way to create beautiful landing pages and mini websites for your company, Adpage is your thing. A deal is created in Teamleader for every contact that enters their data on your landing page or website.


Plann3r is basically your virtual meeting assistant. If you’re tired of emailing and calling back and forth to find a free moment in your calendars, you should try it out. Plann3r keeps your personal preferences in mind, as well as your current schedule to automatically plan meetings in your Teamleader calendar.


You want to keep your customers happy. But how do you know if they actually are? Ratecard helps you solve this mystery. Their tool helps you gather feedback and reviews. The answers from customers appear immediately in their respective Teamleader contact page.


Cardmil is an app for digital business cards, keeping business cards always up-to-date. Your company moves, someone gets a different job or you hire a new employee. If your employees create new contacts via Cardmil, they automatically also appear in Teamleader.


Clearfacts simplifies communication between SMEs and their accountants. Uploading incoming and outgoing invoices to the platform, you’re provided with useful insights in your company performance by showing you your costs, revenue, cashflow and profit. Thanks to the integration with Teamleader you no longer need to upload invoices in Clearfacts manually.

Note: Clearfacts is currently only available in Belgium


Are you in the hospitality industry? Then CloudPOS is your solution as a blackbox certified Point Of Sale system, a cash register software. Mainly focused on retail and craft industries, CloudPOS syncs customers both ways with Teamleader, gathering info from deals, making Teamleader your own certified cash register!

Note: CloudPOS is currently only available in Belgium


Shopitag is an e-commerce tool helping you to set up shop. Customer data from your Shopitag store gets injected into your Teamleader system, creating one single source of truth for all your customer invoicing data.


Ever heard of Peppol or UBL? It’s the industry standard for invoices linked to the government, following the European Union’s guidelines. The integration allows you to send invoices straight to IxorDocs. The software converts them to the Peppol UBL standard and automatically delivers them to your client.

Note: IxorDocs is currently only available in Belgium


If you’re looking for an easy way to check which invoices are(‘nt) paid yet, you might want to use CODA files. These are bank account files containing payment information. Paycheck automatically handles invoices and updates the payment status in Teamleader, so you never send reminders to customers who have already paid.

Note: Paycheck is currently only available in Belgium

Lead Champion

Lead Champion allows you to discover companies that visit your website, even if they do not fill in any contact form. This way you know which companies are interested in your products, and you obtain detailed information such as product category, employees, contact info…
Thanks to the integration with Teamleader, you can follow up on the most promising leads and import those directly into your CRM, in order to launch marketing actions towards the accounts that have shown greater interest.


MailCamp is affordable and user-friendly software for newsletters. Synchronise contacts automatically with Teamleader, filter on tags to create segments and send beautiful email campaigns to send your (potential) customers.

Note: Mailcamp is currently only available in The Netherlands

Why create more integrations?

It’s no secret: we love the cloud, and firmly believe every business can and should benefit from it. So do leading experts, by the way: initiatives like the European Commission’s Digital Single Market see cloud adoption as a major economic growth driver.

Our goal is to help companies run a better business by offering fast access to more integrations between Teamleader and other tools. As a result, our customers - and potential customers - have a much bigger toolbox to fit their specific workflows and become even more productive and efficient.

How can you apply?

To make building integrations easier for external developers, we’ve built a brand new API with a lot more future integrations in mind.

Are you a software developer interested in building your own integration? With access to over 10.000 SMEs all over Europe and loads of co-marketing possibilities, it’s the perfect way to expand your business. Find out if you qualify for our funding and apply now!